Here’s the thing that tell you can’t miss TiE Global Summit 2016

Here's the thing that tell you can't miss TiE Global Summit 2016.png

Today, I’m very overwhelmed to write this post with my insights cascaded on the one of the largest Entrepreneurship Conferences- TiE (The Indus Entrepreneurs) Global Summit 2016 happening in New Delhi.


You’re reading this article because, you are in the journey of pursuing a Startup or working on an outstanding project idea right from your college campus or you’ve already pioneered an unprecedented venture with a group of passionate partners like you or you’re someone who wants to plunge soon in the world of being an Entrepreneur soon.

Okay, if you think you belong to any of those above personalities ,then there’s one thing in common that you’re an Entrepreneur by nature, regardless to your stage of Entrepreneurship journey.

There are massive things (Inspired from reading remarkable journeys of Great people; or Spearhead a project to resolve the common man’s pain points; or Share unique ideas with likeminded people; and sometimes, it happens through a sheer passion)  that a common man changes his/ her career track as a Leader or a key person to a Global company or an Entrepreneur.

However, it is seldom that you get an opportunity to share an idea or venture and if you’re lucky you will experience an extraordinary opportunity knocking your door to grow a network of a similar tribe. In fact, you can coin the term as ‘Networking’, that explodes your connections to powerful leaders and get influenced by the influencers in the relative industry.

From the HBR article ‘How successful people network each other’ by Dorie Clark , she cites that the world is competing for the attention of successful people for which she recommends the best strategy to grow your business community, first, is to make them to meet you and allow them to connect with your expertise, and finally, grow a mutual network of influencers.

So, from the above citation by Dorie Clark, the primary step to grow your expertise (subject of interest or your brand)  is to show yourself in the events where Big people meet at the conferences or events.

So if you feel you want to pitch in a solid network of connections ,then it’s not a complete year for an Entrepreneur without attending the largest Entrepreneurship conference – TiE Global Summit 2016, held on December 16-17  at Taj Palace, New Delhi, which is in partnership with the leading agencies of the Government of India, 20+ TiE chapters from India, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia and Dubai, and global venture capital funds will be the largest such conference for entrepreneurs anywhere in the world

TiEcon is annual flagship conference ranked equally among top 10 world conferences Demo, TED and World Economic Forum for ideas and Entrepreneurship by Worth Magazine , engage  4,800+ attendees from 22+ countries.


Summit Highlights:

  1. Let’s Speed network: Allows you to address networking pain points clearly and get an appropriate solution in a matter of 120 seconds
  2. Workshop:  A series of workshops or sessions covering critical aspects in areas – Fund raising , Personal branding, Attracting talent, Building partnerships and so on.
  3. Excellence awards: TiE’s celebrates the success of innovative, extraordinary and sustainable startups in it’s 7th year.
  4. Young achiever award: TiE recognises and awards three young achievers under 30 in the field of sports, art and culture, who inspired young generation to face the challenges, overcome obstacles and succeed beyond limitations.
  5. Koffee with Keynotes: This schedule gives an astounding opportunity to take your own time with Keynotes
  6. Meet and Greet Charter members: Here’s your chance to get candid with TiE charter members over tea or coffee at pre-specified  lounges and propel your scope of experiences to only 10X greater with such one meet.
  7. Spirit of Manufacturing awards: These awards encourage and applaud the Startups in manufacturing domain that brought implementable business solutions .





Eminent Speakers you get to meet

Rana Kapoor ( Managing Director and CEO, YES Bank), Amitabh Kant ( CEO, Niti Aayog, Govt of India), Travis Kalanick (Co-founder Uber), Ramesh Abhishek (Secretary Dept. of Industrial Policy & Promotion), Sanjay Mehrotra (Co-founder & Former President & CEO SanDisk) and the list is endless with remarkable achievers meeting at one platform.

Words are not countable to the kind of experience one can gain from a mammoth conference like TiE Global Summit 2016.

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Registrations are basically offered to – 1. TiE Delhi NCR members 2. Other Chapter members 3. Non-members and Students

Chapters in India to offer a 50% discount on Associate/Regular Membership fee if a non-member pass has been purchased by delegate. This offer is valid till 17th Dec 2016

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Let me know your views from attending the event and also share your insights if at all attended an Entrepreneurship or Leadership conferences like this before.

Let the article Shared by you, after all ,’Sharing is Caring

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Know the essence of being a Leader and a trait that exists in every person


Leadership is a trait that’s there in everyone of us and that takes myriad forms based on the nature of responsibility undertaken by an individual. This is a new insight, I came to know when I read an ebook by ISHA Insight  , where Sadhguru has revealed the essence of Leadership and how it exist in every person. It threw me a massive influence on how to nurture Leadership in several scenarios and then I analysed my Leadership trait when I work on my blog’s workflow and deal with my clients and progress in my journey of being as a- Blogger, Influencer and Content writer. Post-analysation, I realised that somehow through my blog, I’m able to make an impact in this world with a vision to evoke Entrepreneurial spirit in young minds. However,this impact of work made me to correlate the crux of being a Leader by Sadhguru – it is the key skill that everyone possess and for which one only needs to give space and time to incubate the quality of leadership. There’s one such incubation centre – TPMC institute conducting workshop on ‘Leadership presence and Influence’ to bring hands-on experience on Leadership influence in relevant fields and divulge on ‘get-it-done’ attitude presence.

Leadership – is it a born skill?

Indeed, there are several roles I’ve to undertake to manage my  blog – to research on appropriate resources, compose competitive and qualitative articles, engage with clients, manage social media feeds, negotiate purchases, schedule blog calendar and more. Now, to deal with the bunch of these jobs daily takes me to the next level of understanding on – what more my readers want ;design topics on reader’s interest and awareness; and pursue blog’s mission even under tough scenarios. At any given situation ,the purpose of my blog is to inspire my readers (Entrepreneurs-to-be) in the niche I’m passionate about and impart intelligence on Entrepreneurship, Startups Formula and business growth hacks, productivity tools and anchor them to start a business right from home.

The above context emphasises on the effect of ‘Influence’ made and how it imparts responsibility to guide your followers or colleagues or friends or readers or juniors or students. In this digital world, everyone is occupied with millions of thoughts and tasks that sometimes a person misses an opportunity to mentor his or her own team or group. Although, you might be good at negotiations or better at motivating your work members , but, there will be times you can’t pursue goals to move ahead, this is the time you need some action needed to take a lead and generate the big results.

From my research, I found TPMC offering an appropriate two-day workshop on ‘Leadership presence and Influence’ to the Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Business owners and Senior executives presented by the coach and facilitator Sudhakar I.Prabhu, who pours in his stupendous experience gained from whilst facilitating over 350 leadership workshops. The chief consultant of TPMC has worked with over 5000 leaders and managers at all levels of the organisation.

TPMC as an organisation strives to-

1. Deliver relentless solutions in the genres – Management and Leadership development, Communication skills development, Sales competency development and Customer service development

2. Offer consultancy services – Organisation effectiveness; Leadership effectiveness; Employee engagement; Learning and development.

Key outcomes from the workshop:

Learn: How to use the right mix of influence strategies for an effective influence

Empower: Participants get absolute awareness on leadership communication situations – persuasion, getting buy-in, negotiations, consensus building and collaborations

Impact: Participants gain understanding on -behavioural aspects, leadership principles, experiential learning to make right impact on people

Excel: A framework allows participant to excel on  – Intention, Interaction and Influence to emit leadership presence and spread the influence.

After all, there is only other dimensions of Leadership discovered by you attending the workshop.

Don’t wait, Grab your Seat –

Here’s your chance to grab your seat for a massive transformation in you – Leadership presence and Influence workshop 

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Let me know your views about any Leadership workshop you attended so far or want to participate in future seminars or events or workshops. Also, share this post to help someone somewhere in this world

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The Vault reality show and my expectations!

the-vault-and-my-expectationsWhat is ‘The Vault’ reality show about? And, what is that you think that I’m expecting from the show? Firstly, The Vault is a massive platform blessed for Small and medium businesses, Household businesses and nascent Startups  in India, powered by Times group, which helps to unleash ingenious startup ideas from aspiring Entrepreneurs. Those ideas can be limitless and reflect as a perfect opportunity to bridge the gap of talented innovative ventures and funding team, with a vision to build a better startup ecosystem in India. In fact, there will be multitudinous genres covered on single platform -Technology, Infrastructure, Health care, Apps, Games, Consulting, Banking and Financial services and more.

The Vault is  a reality show aired on India’s No.1 Business Channel – ET Now at 7.30 Pm on October 8th onwards  (every Saturday), which leaves a chance for ambitious entrepreneurs to meet five business moguls , yet reveal their interest to invest in distinctive business pursuits and products presented by wannabe-Entrepreneurs.

There are thousands of applications received and only 50 Entrepreneurs get a chance to pitch astounding ideas to these astute investors –

  1. Mohit Goel – A 27 Year old, CEO and Promoter of OMAXE Ltd, who is leading the real estate OMAXE enterprise and emerged as the second largest group with a valuation of INR 5000 Crores in North India. He is the recipient of – ‘Young Male Entrepreneur of the Year’ by Mr. Nitin Gadkari at Infra & Realty Sutra Awards 2014; Young Achiever’s award by ABP real estate awards 2014
  2. Sudip Bandyopadhyay -Promoter of Inditrade Capital- JRG, Bima Direct, Dining Plus, Klug Tech and other Fintech initiatives, has 28 years of expertise in various areas of finance and financial services.Companies like has succeeded ITC, Reliance Securities (Reliance Money), ICI, HLL and Destimoney Securities under his leadership through strategic investment acquisition strategies.
  3. Ameera Shah – Promoter, MD and CEO of Metropolis Healthcare Limited – It’s her leadership that changed the growth map of Metropolis  from single pathology laboratory  (2002) to a multinational chain of over 125 diagnostic and more than 800 collection centres across seven countries. She has listed in Asia’s Power Business Women 2015 by Forbes Asia and honoured as The Young Global Leader by World Economic Forum 2014. Besides  managing Metropolis dynasty, she extends her leadership abilities as a secretary of the Indian Association Pathology Laboratories and co-chairperson of Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) Healthcare committee.
  4. Rahul Singh – Founder and CEO of The Beer Cafe . From being a Textile engineer to being a focused Entrepreneur has made him to reach a milestone and then become an active angel investor and Mentor to food startups such as Biryani Blues, Burger Singh and Yumcheck . He is the awardee of TiE-Lumis  Partners Entrepreneurial Excellence awards 2014 and Entrepreneur India 2015 award in Food and Beverages service. He extends his mentorship as the honorary secretary of the NRAI  (National Restaurant Association of India) , is the SIG (Special Interest Group) leader at TiE for food sector.
  5. Vivek Bhargava – CEO of IProspectCommunicate 2 , is a Digital marketing Expert with 17 years spent guiding  digital strategies of brands like MTV, Newscorp, Citi bank, TCS, HDFC Bank, ClearTrip, and Reliance in both Indian and Global Markets. He has shrewd interest in data science, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality and machine learning. He has been esteemed as the Marketer of the year and dominates digital advertising in India with his expertise.

These ground-breaking leaders are the Keepers of ‘The Vault’ who hold a crucial decision making to say Yes or No instantly. If ‘Yes’ is their answer and that will be a lucky venture, receiving as much as funding up to INR 5 Crores.

I’m so impressed to know about the genius team, who revolutionised the concept of doing business is to dive deep with passion and reach sky with their visionary thoughts .

What is expected from the newbie-entrepreneurs?

It is not about few points aspiring entrepreneurs learn from this brilliant show, but, there will be measureless case studies, experiences, in-depth project knowledge, financials, what to care for , how to penetrate into the market with a better partnership that are to be learnt and taught trough every episode. From every idea that is inclined, I get to know many insightful topics of individual businesses and their purpose , which enhances my scope of knowledge from the perception of every member thoroughly .Every single idea or topic or venture pitched before the big shots prove a thought-provoking scenario and understand the striving entrepreneurs thirst to solve common man’s paint points in daily life chaos.

What will be the most significant part would be to know the answers from the Keepers. Any outcome forms as a befitting opportunity to progress further , but not let the ventures to stop their journey to succeed. If ‘Yes’ is the result, certainly, you will know better what happens next. There’s nothing much reliance required on how a venture advances from all grounds with the help of these investors. But, if they say ‘No’, this is the time to accept the greatest challenge and make toughest changes and act upon with more energy to excel in the pursuit to reach destination of your startup vision. Now, at this juncture, it is very much necessary to learn and implement any piece of advice or a suggestion or an intriguing question posed by the team. Don’t let your spirits go down just for the purpose to ‘Win’ the show, but, try to ‘Win’ the big hearts through their collaboration of thoughts about your startup mission. And, next, try to find more interesting methodology or process or approach to turn your venture as a next big thing in the market while engaging with them. Also, give a focus on fellow startup aspirants and grasp key insights while they pitch ideas and understand what is magnificent in their proposal or what is that missing? So, here you can have an exchange of words and start a mutual support to each of your proposals . This in time develops a network of aspiring team , whom might help your project somewhere  or sometime in future. In crux, don’t make yourself to get prepared with ‘Yes’ as a welcome sign, but , think again, you can’t miss any single moment and turn it as your greatest strength to you and as well to your startup.

Now, I’m very eager and excited to watch the series to be aired on ET Now  and experience the taste of Entrepreneurial spirit from all participants and know the motivation behind their Startup ventures. For more details, one can subscribe to The Vault show on Youtube channel or to their newsletters.

So do let me know your expectations and views from The Vault or what more you want to learn from these kind of Entrepreneurial reality shows.

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4 Key Brand Equity lessons Startups need from the journey of S.S Rajamouli’s Baahubali Movie to Baahubali Merchandise


Brand Equity is not something that only companies derive from their product or service  for their exquisite quality, but, it is equally same with a person who gains unrivalled following  with his/ her remarkable quality of work. Recent times, I found Baahubali movie as a spectacular cine-craft designed by S.S Rajamouli who moved the journey from being commercial fictitious movie to being Brand Baahubali merchandise and teaming up with renowned character Entertainment Company – Graphic India ,that is ready to enthuse Baahubali loyal audience beyond movie walls and provide a platform to explore more that is unseen in the movie through – original graphic novels, animation and video games. It is the contribution of S.S Rajamouli and Team Baahubali work that remained as memorable, qualitative, easily recognisable, reliable, inspiration and thought-provoking project so far in the history of Indian Film Industry.

Image Courtesy: Arka Media works

Since its inception, everything seemed as a massive fest in their approach – through cast selection, shooting location, VFX media companies, shooting progress, social media campaigning on -Facebook, Twitter, Baahubali Blog and Baahubali Website . The very approach of Baahubali movie brand image penetration into the hearts of audience has taken mammoth branding effect in multiple ways –  branded tee shirts, mobile covers, badges, hoodies, concept sketches, posters, novels, comic books, animation and video games and remained as exclusivity case study for Entrepreneurs-to-be and emerging Startup companies.

In this article, you’ll find how S.S Rajamouli and team Baahubali has created strong relationship between business brand and customer perception – experiences, positive thoughts, feelings, beliefs, opinions and perceptions which forms as a must-learn Brand Equity lessons to Startups – that teaches how to improve the standards of Brand Image through techno-digital awareness.

Following Brand Equity model has been categorised according to Keller’s Brand Equity model (Customer-Based Brand Equity model)

1.Brand Identity:

S.S Rajamouli is itself a strong influencer to a magnificent movie like Baahubali and Eega movies to box office turnover and market share. Audience identified his movies to be beyond expectations by narrating an universal subject and raising the depth of the stories by means of VFX as another strong weapon. He made ‘Eega movie’ with a tiny fly as a hero who avenges a murder, which made a telugu movie debut to multilingual status. The story weaves around a fly and how it creates chaos to a human who gets into trouble, which seems to be a simple script yet designed a technical VFX extravaganza movie with a fly as a major role player and thus making audience envisage a movie  never seen before.


The subject powerfully connected to audience whom experience flies annoyance in daily life, which stood out as a USP to Rajamouli’s creative treasure. However, the combination of a spectacular script design and Rajamouli’s way of envisaging story makes an unique box office collections of non-bollywood-made-movies. He adds that he designs a script to create a sense of recollection element in a movie , which attaches viewer’s perception gracefully to his movies. This quality sets as a brand  and identifies as a ‘movies-to-be-watched’.

Lesson 1: It is to develop a product through in-depth research and development and break any limitations that cause to perform a product magnificently. Creating sense of reminiscence sets as a salient feature which adds key element to a product or service and bind an emotional relationship between your product or service and customers. 

2. S.S Rajamouli Brand Meaning:  

His previous movie venture ‘Eega’ or ‘Makki’ sounds puny initially, but, movie experience speaks stellar performance. Imagery of his movies creates certainty of in-depth social and psychological attachment to audience, which leaves a long-lasting impression of a subject that has never been touched before by Indian Film Industry. If we retrospect the movies like Magadheera, Makki or Eega and Baahubali, what is that special brand meaning applies to Rajamouli movies is that – Story Characters brilliance and cast selection. He portrays a role of hero ordinarily in the story yet brings out his majestic power by battling against villain with massive dominance. He shares that he moulds villain’s subject to gigantic scale thus creates a daunting scenario to be beaten by Heroic role. This in indeed produces reliability and durability to a viewer’s mind,bringing back to his movies and unleashes a refreshing journey till the end of the story. 

The visual appeal of each subject in his movies are well designed through

Image courtesy: Baahubali Blog

 a perfect combination of – stunning cast, costumes design, VFX program, background score, extremity of the story, customised weapons and screen play.Combining all these elements, a viewer’s psychological get impacts largely by a story-combo like this. Thus , enhances the value of loyal audience globally and a secret formula that breaks the barrier of regional language movies to international must-watch movie.

Lesson 2: You can unusually build a common product available in the market through ‘n’ number of ways and strike the right chord of customers expectations with exclusivity of your product as a key brand perception, that attracts global attention.

3. S.S Rajamouli’s Brand Response:

Quality:  Rajamouli’s movies from his first movie ‘Student No.1’ to the recent National Best film Movie ‘Baahubali’, there’s no single movie that diminished the quality of stories experienced by audience. Each story from him speaks up the natural element of characters that are seen in normal life  and fictitious characters supporting stories mutually ,which forms as a greatest strength to his movies and winning loyal global audience till date. Apparently, he strikes viewers expectations by consistently matching actual quality of a scripts and perceived quality of movies with his commitment to work every minutest detail of every project he undertook.

Credibility: Buyers of his movies will never miss the credibility that work miraculous figures at Box office. It is measured in three dimensions – expertise (includes innovation), trustworthiness and likability.

  • Expertise: He gained abundant knowledge of film making by working in multiple departments of films. He knows the quantity and quality of work expected from each department and how he inspires through his vision and make other departments  to work on single mission. He says that vision plays a critical role to align several tasks wonderfully in a single frame.He tells that he builds an effective screening by matching his direction ingenuity meeting the expectations of average group of audience, who accepts the real value of a movie.
    Image courtesy : Baahubali Blog


  • Trustworthiness: There’s no word other than trust that his work produce from all stakeholders – producers, cast, crew, buyers, financiers, distributors, theatres and audience. He builds a financial model, economic model and perceived model of a movie in detail which never misses out the parameters set for each movie. This requires relentless planning capability to control hassles associated to reach its final destination. He impresses each member of team by consistently making himself grounded to reality and take appropriate actions leading to final goals.
  • Likability: The approach of likability is observed from audience with an appropriate   blend of  unprecedented stories, story characterisation, crew, music composer and   technical effects embedded into it. There is this potential of attracting audience from all age groups to his movies that has been consistently working without fail so far       with a kind of formula to innovate story essence in a new dimension.
  • Consideration:  In the current social media ruling world people expect and want for newness at every level of a movie and Rajamouli knows to cook a film recipe that beats contemporary movie stories which usually revolves around Hero-centric roles. This is the mantra that has an implicit consideration to choose his movies and watch time and again.
  • Superiority: He prepares a movie with unparalleled characters design, exclusivity weapons design and make in india concept . He adds multiple tools to elevate characters and how they appear in audience eyes ,like – Costume design, location, weapons, facial appearance (make over), emotions, language, cinematography, production design, visual effects,  background score, costumes design ,dialogues, script and choreography. Enhancing all these elements entirely takes its toll and impression on viewer mind. If you consider Ranadheer billa character in Magadheera ; Titla character in Vikramarkudu ;or Sudheer character in Eega;  Bhallal dev and Kalakeya characters in Bahubali, each role mirrors the immense impact in every project, which is fighting against truth, but , what is uncommon is the way roles nurtured visually with many of these ingredients helping to enhance the casting impression on audience mind. And, certainly, this will create a story that a viewer can’t forget for many years.


Lesson 3: Ensure your vision for Startup is reflected in every task , to be undertaken by your team and then work  uninterruptedly on the quality of subject that raises the standards of your Startup ultimate vision. Always make a perfect plan to control – finances, expenses, hassles associated to run startup in a way that keep track of all targets and reduces redundant costs.It is not think ,but,  do out-of-the-box principle that                 recreates a business model and loyal customers time and again.There should be                       always a mix and match approach of business model to pursue things and bring best             to all stakeholders trusted on your Startup mission

4. Rajamouli’s Brand Resonance:

  • baahubali-releasedate-300x300 Behavioural loyalty: His movies receive regular and repeated audience that shows distinctive style of stories selection and hence producing consistent qualitative movies which indeed conquers film industry from his direction genre. There’s always thrilling quotient to his upcoming movies which brings back loyal audience regularly . 
  • Attitudinal attachment: S.S Rajamouli Signature is the brand image that concludes at the end of the movie which is creating an imprint on viewers perspective perfectly and artfully developing attachment between his movies and his signature . Developing such intangible attachment, implicitly, has so much to attract audience for indefinite times from diverse mindset of people every now and then.
  • Sense of community:  Baahubali movie team has performed an amusing skit to raise funds for Hudhud disaster witnessed by Visakhapathanam (Vizag) and won thousands of people support for the havoc relief. This special bundle of performance by the team made audience felt sense of responsibility towards society. Again, this way of producing skits is another way to build sensible projects rather than a simple commercial movie proposal which survives with sheer profits and collections.
  • Active engagement: Baahubali marketing team has been proactive prior to and while making the movie through Facebook, Youtube videos on –  promotional campaigns, first posters, videos featuring lead stars on their birthdays. Team Baahubali laid a great foundation to update their status from all grounds through Baahubali website and from Arka media works Blog.

          Also, S.S Rajamouli has actively posted updates related shooting progress on Twitter             and Facebook pages which maintained strong engagement with his social media                     followers, fans, audience. Indeed, he used social media platform as a smart                               marketing plan to enthuse viewers and bring them to theatres with much-awaited                 feel experience to watch the movie again and again. Perhaps, he has a potential                       marketing head traits to target right customers at right time.

          And now, Team Baahubali and Graphic India collaboration allures audience more to              experience lives, culture, adventures, weapons, tools, characters and many through              their graphic novels, video games and animated series. There’s only unlimited                        opportunities when a subject is powerful and that use digital technology and                            applications intelligently.

Lesson 4: A key lesson to emerging entrepreneurs is to make customers thrilled about product improvements or new product release. It is not about marketing gimmicks that work, except the content that keeps you in tact with customers and reach their expectations at right time. Every action of your product delivery forms an attitudinal attachment , which enhances the customer perception towards your brand, so, it is worth to take utmost care to produce right results. It is not always taking, but, giving back to the society which will always gain millions of hearts. Further, execute a program that matches societal requirements and up bring social conscious through your brand.

Let me know your views and any other key lessons that can be drawn from the #Baahubali movie and #S.S Rajamouli directorship

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It’s Shradha Sharma’s founder of Yourstory media Entrepreneur formula revealed @ LinkedIn India power profile event

​A great accomplishment and privilege to participate in the live event by #linkendinindapowerprofile #Linkedinindia with #shradhasharma who revealed her Entrepreneur formula is  –“To do it and not give up and keep doing it” for my question -” What is your Entrepreneur formula that made your journey from being entrepreneur aspirant to founder of #YourStoryCo media?”

Here’s  the link to view the event: 


Women Entrepreneurship and its impact on Gender gap

Reading the article on ‘Women taking risks: closing the gender gap in Entrepreneurship’ from OECD insights has revealed some interesting findings on Women Entrepreneurship scope. Certainly, gender gap, reflects it signs of participation and contribution of Women entrepreneurs to the world economy. But, what really significant is to spread a platform of resources and knowledge centres by the organisations that identifies and nurtures women’s cognizance at each level,which enhances the power of self-employment, while contributing their share of KSA (knowledge, skills and abilities). This, indeed, promotes the real value of education to the society and bridges the gap of gender inequality. After all,Women Entrepreneurship is a subject of interest and passion rather than a subject of being untouched or a risk. ‪#‎startupsformula‬ ‪#‎womenentrepreneurship‬‪#‎startups‬ ‪#‎entrepreneurs‬ ‪#‎women‬ ‪#‎gendergap‬ ‪#‎entrepreneurship‬The Brief.jpg

8 things to know why Rich Dad Poor Dad is a rich book and a must-read for Startup aspirants

It was eight years back (2008), I listened to one of my cousins saying the importance of a book and how it becomes best-friend in one’s life. Well, being a book-lover I nodded my head in acceptance to know more about the impact of books from many aspects – lead a simple life, psychology, leadership, quality management, relationships importance, science, health,  biographies, success and failure stories. Somehow, those words were registered subconsciously and reverberates after every completion of a book till date and naturally becoming my super-essentials in life and library.

“I really had a lot of dreams when I was a kid, and I think a great deal of that grew out of the fact that I had a chance to read a lot.”  -Bill Gates

Above lines from Gates are so true and after all there will be only few all-time favourite things that rejuvenate life’s strength in multiple ways to great personalities.

Recently, I have been searching randomly for an interesting book in my books shelf and to my surprise, I found a treasure that geared up my energy to become a Blogpreneur. It’s the book  “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert T. Kiyosaki. And the book falls into the ‘Must-have’ or ‘Must-read’ or ‘All-time favourite’ that will  bring all necessary changes to any kind of aspirants (especially to Startup aspirants, Entrepreneurs-to-be and students). After reading the book – a person will be a better person, an entrepreneur will be a better entrepreneur, a student will be a better student and finally a reader will be a better learner and leader.

The first and foremost principle that attracted me in the book is ‘what is the real education needed to be able to survive in the current competitive world?’ The answer for this question has been well visualised and guides the reader into a path to unleashing his/her other dimension of educating himself/herself and to their children as well.

Yes, the objective of the book is the power of money and how it works for ‘Rich people’.  The book throws light elaborately on the power to earn money is through gain knowledge and unleash the secret on how it is possible for Big Business Leaders to make money work for them. Well, there are categorised lessons created in the form of examples, explanations and real stories pertaining to personal finances, real education, investments and etc.

Your Questions answered:

Generally, we all listen to a famous quote “ Nothing is impossible”, then, how come we all can’t get out of from heavy debts, financial hassles and etc.? Why the only rich are out of such financial pains, but not poor and middle-class? What is that impossible working for Rich and that is not working for poor and middle-class society? All these questions have answers and Robert Kiyosaki has elegantly designed the book on ‘Power of being possible’, which simply starts at our end.

Robert has yet another unique skill to identify a common man’s common mistakes and provides an exceptional methodology to correct those mistakes and score outstanding results in life.  There is one kind of compelling story of Robert, who strived to learn the concept of earning money – is to money work for you, but not working for money , which made him to realise at very early teens and popularised himself  to write a book on ‘ How to become rich prudently’.

I want to share my journey of learning with you that took me to new heights of educating and disciplining my thoughts.  Certainly, I’ll not be the person who was before reading the book, but, a brand- new-me in a new role identifying the best opportunities around me.

Here are the 8 key points that become a ‘must-learn’ to Startup aspirants:

1.Know more about Emotions and its wp-1470318769823.jpgmerit:

Generally, when we encounter with many incidents that drive by emotions and end-up with breaking up relations and suffer the loss later. The loss that pays at the end is the only mere mistake of using emotions against oneself.  There’s another side of the coin of using emotions in favour that is underpinned by the author that helps everyone who reads the chapter and walk easily during tough times and yield sustainable conclusions without further need of repenting.

2.Financial intelligenceI’m a Financial planner graduate, who deals with allocating money in safe investments. Before reading the book, my brain used to restrict my knowledge to play safe in investments, but, after reading ‘The power of an effective investment’ by Robert has changed my attitude towards investments and raised curiosity to learn more about investments and move a step higher. Yes, there’s another avenue to deal with finances on your own, irrespective of being a finance / commerce degree student.  This topic teaches to tune the brain and hook up the right understanding of finances and thus provide a major establishment to Financial intelligence and bring  change towards financial attitude right from a kid to any age.

3.How Global leaders are produced:Often we see the number of global leaders produced by any school is only one in 100’s and that of producing employees  is 1000’s. What is that nice formula working for leaders who want to change their path from herd behaviour? What is the other formula working for employees who struggle from day one till their retirement age for having adequate money in their hands? Again, you’ll find exceptional answers to these questions and portrays a contradistinction between being a business leader  and an employee, which is beautifully exemplified in the book with numerous facts and logic behind it.

4.Assess your personal finances prudently:

 Financial education is a technical skill that needs to be learned by everyone to be a            financially literate. Don’t worry! There will be no high-level finance jargon to be skilful but certain finance terms like assets, liabilities, income and expenses elucidated by the author has created a long-lasting impression that enables any reader to be a financially literate by the end of their reading.

5.A guide to younger generation on financial education:

I was many times introspected on the topic or discuss with my friends regarding current education system values and their impact on student’s skills. Robert challenges key issues, that schools offer and miss out relevant financial skills  to be acquired by a student. I found, the interpretation as an astounding lesson that a reader can’t miss out and thus be a mentor to their children, developing finance skills and their importance right from their childhood.

6.Courage to accept rejections and failures:

Earning money will always varies from person to person and the results shows their toughness at heart and soul. Robert classically explained the right formula that is needed for being rich – Knowledge and Courage are the duo that work together on a path to achieve right opportunity. A blend of these two will ensure clarity over prosperous life vs. fearful life. Courage to accept many uncertain things in life takes its own place, which is coined as Change. Change takes its numerous forms in life to make us more efficient in our own way. Leveraging change into learning, leads to face distinctive challenges and shrinks ignorance, which is another valuable lesson to be implemented.

7.Identify Sales and Marketing world:

Sales and Marketing are effective skills that are supposed to be induced into any field and overcome the failure of rejection and progress successfully while doing one’s own business, which has been clarified by Robert with fantastically real life experiences. I learned the majestic power of these skills that redefines the attitude of a person and help to overcome the fear of losing. Well, those examples cited in the relevant context simply impresses every reader to undergo further study on the subjects Sales and Marketing practically.

8. Learning – a finest investment:

Specialisation is a qualitative skill, which helps to achieve a distinctive title in one’s career , but Robert points out the other side of the coin elaborately.It is the fact that specialisation supports a growth to some extent and prevents to accept changing world around oneself. When such restriction multiples, there is the high probability to detract learning from other grounds and grow fear, which again devastates one’s learning ability to lead his/her own life or career. In this chapter, the power of specialised learning will create a deep impact to unstop learning new subjects and prove ways to handle fear of not knowing.

My take: A book to me does not simply teach you or leaves you with some skills, but, it is worth as a renewable source that surges up your ideas, thoughts and dreams into one path and helps you to step up next big journey in life.

Now, I want to know your views about the book if have you read this book before ?  And don’t forget to share your books and thoughts that influenced you the most. Also, do share your favourite books that inspire others to become Entrepreneurs.

@Startups Formula -Inspired by the Great Entrepreneurs and Inspiring the fellow Entrepreneurs

Know how Leaders practise Better communication with Better listening skill

Listening is a common trait that’s kept underrated and undeveloped by everyone, but this is not the same with the global leaders who acquire tremendous knowledge while listening to thousands of meetings and discussions with people. Do you now, not every Founder or CEO or an Executive has sufficient time to study all projects from multiple departments ( Finance, Production, Operations, Accounting, Sales, Marketing, Human resources anwp-1469537183644.jpgd  etc) and come up with solutions necessary to grow companies. Yet, they get all inputs from all grounds while taking part in crucial decision meetings and covering all departments concerns. And you know how they do, yes, its through frequent meetings conducted by the dedicated branch heads or department leads giving a wide coverage of specific company’s division growth on all parameters.

Research shows that people engage 70 – 80% their day in various forms of communication , and which 55% is dedicated to listening. Research also says that, although after having careful intensive listening to speakers views ,a listener can only retain  17% to 25% of facts or ideas from the speech.

Well, we know that numbers and pictures speak more than thousand words, which are highly regarded and considered to strengthen the company’s eventual growth. Now, leaders are very much guided by these regular meetings and take appropriate decision to lead further. What is the key element they do to grasp significant insights from the meeting and discuss best possible methods with the department leads? Certainly, it’s their ability to listen attentively. It’s not the usual listening that happens to forget the valuable information  after few hours, but, it’s called as 360 degrees listening  or intensive listening. They immerse deeply into the subject and that they provide their validation by questioning  speaker from various perspective and gain great exposure on the subject.

Recommended read – If a person has not acquired these listening skills, his ability to understand and retain what he hears will be low.

Here’s where the communication meets its best approach by – ‘Listening- Speaking – Listening’. This is how a better speaker is a better listener. Now, it is perhaps wrong to think that having a best communication skill is only proficiency in speaking, writing and reading, but, otherwise it is the other completed form of better listening and be a better speaker and then be a better leader.

Let me know what kind of listening techniques do you implement to balance your relationships with peers, friends, business partners , subordinates and family  and enhance the scope of grasping relevant facts and ideas as knowledge shared with you.

See you again with another Better formula of the day post!

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Top 16 Reasons why your business need Xgenplus email management solution 

Xgenplus Blog graphix

In 1990’s , ever wonder, how a simple email can enhance business and employees productivity; secure data; minimise loss of data and cut-down any errors caused by various ways and protect businesses big monies from all aspects? The answer is ‘No’ in those years ,but it is ,’Yes’, in 2016. This is possible with Xgenplus Email server product, that boosts your  business productivity to a simply advanced level, which I reviewed recently and found great experience with this excellent email management solution.

From Adobe campaign’s  recent survey on ‘Subject – Email We just can’t get enough’ reveals that email remains as a cornerstone of workplace culture as well as a powerful tool for productivity and collaboration – thirty-five percent say they prefer communicating with colleagues via email, putting it on par with face-to-face collaboration. From the article –4 Ways to Market Your Business for Freeemail is the most effective digital marketing tactic, the one that delivers the best ROI and the least difficult to execute.After all, today, email is as worth as a business and a business is as worth as an email. 

Although, in the recent years , there is a vast sway of business driven by digital social media tools – Facebook Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn , but one can’t really ignore the huge role played by a simple Email.

And the Email tops its position among any other digital communication channels available till today, in terms of – carrying  highest priority and confidential key data , decision making information, invoices, subscriptions, interview schedules, online purchase receipts, confirmation mails, password recovery management ,sign-in details, notifications and more. 

Before knowing how Xgenplus  email server is an exceptional to traditional email servers, one should ask for conventional email barriers:

  • Viruses are easily spread via email attachments (most email providers scan emails for viruses on your behalf).
  • Phishing – sending an email to user falsely claiming to be a legitimate company to scam the user into providing information, such as personal information and bank account numbers on a bogus website. The details will then be used for identity theft.
  • No guarantee the mail will be read until the user logs on and checks their email.
  • Spam mail – unsolicited email, i.e., junk mail.

Now, there’s this techno-genius product – Xgenplus email server that has come up with hallmark features to win over above major traditional email hassles and saving big businesses pockets intelligently and brilliantly with more patented loads of properties.

Xgenplus  -A revolutionised Smart Webmail :

Xgenplus smart-mailbox is a  total email management and relationship solution tool, meeting the needs of the organisations – Small Businesses, SME, Email Service Provider or Large business house, PSU or Govt, Schools and Colleges. XgenPlus has exceptional 13 years of study on the needs of unified communication tool which raised from just an email management solution to an advanced complete Enterprise solution .This mail-messenger is not a simple email and calendar application, but it’s an intellectual inbox with document storage and viewing, instant messaging, and simplified administrative control features – with their award winning and patented webmail user interface built with the latest AJAX web technology.

Here are Top 15 reasons why you need Xgenplus  in your organisation:

1.Xgenplus with Digital India Initiative:

Ministry of India has placed a proposal to email giants providers to enable users to signup in native languages (currently in hindi). Xgenplus has teamed up with Digital India (Government of India initiative),  a programme to transform India into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy.

Recently, Xgenplus initiated this project with- IDN Email web hosting which is first of its kind in the world that beats major players like office 365, rediff, yahoo and others to extend their support to provide such IDN (Internationalisation Domain name) in local languages. Further, Xgenplus allows organisations and users to chose a desired username of an email address in their native language

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Example of IDN E-mail address by XgenPlus:

  • Hindi Email Address अ@अशोका.भारत
  • Chinese Email Address 一个@阿育王. 巴拉特 –
  • Bengali Email Address একটি@ অশোক.ভারত
  • Arabic Email Address و أشوكا @ . بهارات
  • Punjabi Email Address ਮਨੀਸ਼ @ ਅਸ਼ੋਕ. ਭਾਰਤ ਨੂੰ
  • Gujarati Email Address મનીષ @ અશોક. ભારત
  • Russian Email Address Маниш @ Ашок. Индия
  • Japanese Email Address マニッシュ@アショク。インド

2. Customisation is its core strength:

The smart webmail has not only in-built advanced features also it caters its flexibility to build specific  features to organisation needs. Xgenplus has designed such  customised email solutions to the leading PSU’s in India – BSNL and HAL .Isn’t that so advanced to advance productivity of a business with a smart email platform like XgenPlus!  

3. A Perfect fix to :

ISP , Hosting Companies , Larger Enterprise ,SMB , BPO , Colleges and Schools , Government.

4.Being an All-in-one Productivity tool is its USP:

Unleash the power of unified communication that every business needs to improve its productivity with their advanced features:

  • Manage calendar and meeting invitations
  • Resource Planning and Scheduling
  • Share Calendars
  • Schedule Tasks
  • Shared Folders

5. Security is its priority:

A secured email-management solution is the pack that any organisation carries with XgenPlus . It’s a risk-free insurance product with zero-loss data contribution, using XgenPlus  webmail to any business, which means saving millions of dollars with one-click. This intelligent email server efficiency speaks more, while retrieving the mails deleted as old as 30 years ago by using its hosting and email services. There is a list of security and it ranges from:

  • ensures protection against risk of losing any mail data and retains corporate information
  • disaster-recover plan
  • virus-free
  • spam-free

Xgenplus  uses techniques – security, encryption, validation and protection ensuring the data is safe while following its layered approach :

  • Server level features
  • Domain level features
  • User level features


6. Smart messenger: This smart Webmail takes care of any meetings or any project tasks while sending SMS and Faxes to users and conduct coordination among the team efficiently.

7. An on-the-go App: A ready to install app on IOS and Android devices, reduces the complexity of configuration and enhances user productivity anywhere and anytime.

8. Work anywhere: There’s no more burden of having a standard email access on single desktop with XgenPlus. This feature allows users to work and get your files anywhere through the Webmail interface.

9. No bulk inbox : The XgenPlus works smartly to organise your bulk emails inbox into prioritised and customised folders, shortcuts, conversation (interaction) views and the advance search.

10. Your client – Your choice: Another great astounding feature is its agility to sync with microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird and any other standards based clients that support POP/IMAP.

11. Manage large picture gallery: A mail with bulk images  and attachments is easy to view with Xgenplus viewer. The viewer allows to ‘View all images’ without further download of each image. Additionally, it is feasible to share such multiple images with other users as an album, instead of attaching images individually.

12.Digital Signature: XgenPlus has digital signature along with multiple signature facility,which gives an user another grand feature to add his various customised signatures  and images or company logo along with user emails.3

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13.Virtual Storage: Stores bulk files and allows user to send the large documents to recipients and give recipients to access those files in the form of a link instead of whole file and hence the inbox will not overload with bulky files. 

Recommended video: Benefits of Xgenplus Virtual storage

  • Reduces server load
  • Reuse files as many as times as you need
  • Fast sending and recieving of file
  • Saves bandwidth and storage
  • Manage attachment in a better way
  • Auto file version control: File Version Control feature allows users to upload same document with automatic file versioning in virtual storage, which reduces the burden to update manually file name or give version to it while system automatically change it. 
  • With virtual storage user can now allow the file recipient to update the shared file and re-upload it in user’s virtual storage

14.Chat: Online users, automatically, are able to chat with their organisation users. Also, with the integration of XMPP protocol, allows users to chat with Gmail users and other email users supporting XMPP protocol.

15.Secured folders: Secured folder gives additional security to protect confidential and very sensitive mails in this folder, which is only accessed by  a secured password.

16.Rights management: Rights button on Compose page gives user to use rights management, which defines the rights whether recipient can delete/forward/reply or print this email or not. Later, those rights can be reset after sent mail.

Here are some Screen shots explains outstanding patented features of XgenPlus 

Instant search:

Amplify your search abilities with built-in Advance search options. Search accordingly in following ways:

  1. Find in All folders / Shared Folders or specify any particular folder.
  2. Find messages even by :-
  • From,Subject,Message, To, Anywhere (any folder);
  • Attachment Name – search on the basis of attached file name in email;
  • Attachment Type – search on the basis of document type attached in email;
  • Email Size – search on the basis of email size (in Kilo bytes)
  • Email ID – Just put the unique number of the email and search;
  • Search within Attachments – Xgenplus can search keywords within documents attached into emails;
  • Search with TAG / Colour, From date – To Date


Archive of Deleted mails:

Deleted mails will never be a worry with Xgenplus advance search for deleted mails as “archive of deleted mails”. It is not something archived from  Trash folder, but it is the other way to get your emails back from permanently deleted. And categorise into user defined folders.


Step 1: Search for an email deleted permanently in Advance search


Step 2: After finding the deleted mail, there’s an option to restore mail(s) to Trash


Step 3: Mail(s) are restored to Trash


Step 4: Designate the mail to your desired folder

Merge/ De-merge e-mail account full/ folders basis:

Ever imagine the fusion of two bulk mail accounts possible?  And, the merging process takes like snap with Xgen plus merging feature. The hassle-free feature allows administrator to select the Source account and destination account to move an account of a previous employee or grant access to specific folders in a snap.Merge-Mails4

Step 1: Administrator selects source account and target account


Step 2: Select a subsequent option to merge items – 1. Email with Folders 2. Only inbox and sent


Step 3: Pops-up select folders option to be merged into target account


Step 4: Continues merging process


Step 5: Completes Merging process

Automated Inward Routing (AIR) -A Customer Support management tool:

Another superior patented feature dedicated to customer care support team or any other large business outsourcing organisation.

  1. AIR system gives exceptional access to check if all customer emails are handled effectively ( which means AIR takes utmost care of every small issue faced by customer query or enquiries  reaching specific agent and resolve relevant issues by specific agent).
  2. All agents can follow and track all the emails received in the customer care mailbox
  3. There’s specially curated feature helps to assign the specific emails to different Customer care agents and find out which agent replied to relevant customer enquiries.
  4. Performance monitoring Feature: Work load is intelligently coordinated and channelised equally among the customer care agents and monitor the performance of different agents.

Following steps narrates you the potential of Xgenplus in-built assignment module:

  • Customer care admin creates a rule in customer care account to forward all incoming mails to Customer care group
  • Mails coming to Customer care agent mailbox are automatically assigned to different agents on Round robin basis
  • Agents can view their assignments in their mailbox through assignments tab
  • Agents can work on the assignments, send replies, add notes and tags for the assignments and even view the history of each assignment individually
  • Replies to the assignments are sent through Customer care account and not through agent’s account
  • Any mail coming in response to any agent’s reply will automatically be assigned to that particular agent
  • Customer care admin can monitor the work load and performance of each agent through admin tab.

Recommended: Find more illustration on AIR elaborately from the video

Personalised Group Email:

There’s no more bulk action required to send mail to tons of email id’s with Personalised group email. The very feature allocates single email id to replace thousands of contacts, which boosts businesses efficiency to new scale.


Step 1: Go to Compose option


Step 2: Choose a personalised group ( Grouping tons of email contacts)

Personalized-Group-Mail3Step 3: Now compose your content to reach thousands of contacts with one click


Step 4: With one click your email has reached to thousands of contacts


Step 5: Your email received by a recipient

PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) Encryption:

This Public-private key cryptography system incorporated, helps to integrate the use of encryption in user tasks , such as electronic mail protection and authentication   and protecting files on a email server.

User gets passphrase key to create security to all the mails  and increase productivity and data privacy. Next, Anti-spam and Anti-virus features allow user to have secured flow of messages and protection against unknown sources.


User gets generated passphrase key from Generate option


Antispam gives the user to choose the type of mails to be received


Security option gives authenticated attempt to user through SMS

Schedule Email:

Delivering a right message with your employees at right point of time can propel the business growth exponentially .Now reminders or compliances or greetings will be delivered smartly – at your specific time, date and day, while integrating business’s stakeholders communication (meetings, tasks, greetings and reminders)  appropriately. Schedule email allows user to set reminders for meetings, tasks, send emails  etc. The very same mail or SMS or Pop up can set up to 9 reminders (delivering the same message) for multiple times. Thus, bringing great functionality to schedule mails and system messages with one-click and not missing to deliver significant messages at right time.


Compose your email and select a relevant date  and time



Select a task option and schedule mail on a specific date, time and day through – Email to, SMS to, PopUp



Finally your email is scheduled

Share email with notes:

Forwarding mails is no more a conventional methodology with Xgenplus, but it is innovative process to share, notify and engage in personal data management reducing Server load and enhancing cost effectiveness of clients.


Step 1: Compose a message to be shared


Step 2: Share your message with another user and with allowed ‘ Delete , Reply, Forward and Further Sharing options’


Step 3: Your mail shared with your allowed permissions


Step 4: Notification pops up at recipient’s mail about shared mail



Step 5: Recipient’s Inbox too pops up immediate notification on Shared mail


Step 6: Receipient user can add notes related to email and allow users to reply over it


Step 7: Sender user can contribute further points to the shared notes


Step 8: Notification pops up once the other user adds notesShare-email-with-Notes9

Step 9: Note content sent successfully


Step 10: User can view the notes sent in the inbox


Step 11:Information shared with notes is saved and viewed in the mail

Smart send:

Composing mail smartly is possible with Xgenplus by setting priority, executing rights management ( Do not reply, Do not forward, Do not delete, Do not print) , Delivery  report, send a scheduled  email or attaching events,read receipt, Reply awaited, save to designated folder.


Xgenplus has come up with some revolutionised  compose mail feature  to take away burden of sending mails to multiple contacts with  single click domain broadcast feature. It serves the purpose to have single domain for group of contacts.


Country level access control:

Big organisations and governments get massive benefit with Country level access control, which facilitates two levels of permission – 1. Domain level 2. User level.

Domain level: This feature gives admin to make a specific domain ( accessible in to specified countries ( A, B,C, D) only. An user logged in to the domain outside  the listed countries ( A, B, C, D) will not have access and vice versa.

User level: Admin has right to set user defined access control. Here admin allows a user to be logged in to a domain within specified country ( while the domain  has the accessibility to A,B,C,D countries)


Digital Signature with multiple signature option:

multiple signatureUser can compose a mail with a message opting for signature 1

multile signature 2

User opts for signature 2 using multiple signature option for the mail

My Take:

Overall, I’m pleased with Xgenplus superior email server along with its management productivity solution features . Xgenplus took care of plenty of requirements for any organisation that would expect of – cost effectiveness involved with data sharing feature and reducing server load ; securing data permanently deleted much months/years back, merging potentiality of two accounts; sending tons of personalised mails in one click; ultimate schedule mail option designed for specific compliances and greetings; composing mail smartly by incorporating  – priority, rights management, delivery report, sending scheduled email or attaching events, read receipt, reply awaited; country level access control at user level and domain level; in-built security and PGP encryption against phishing and virus; extraordinary AIR (Automated Inward Routing) module quality to address the needs of customer support management team; excellent Broadcast option delivering mail to multiple contacts in a single click;

After all, there is still more to come from Xgenplus email unified communication and thriving to give more than ever imagined by any business or institution. I highly recommend this product as a must-have productivity email server and get an inherited data-protected property.

And the bottom line is that, a business gets all it wants from this smart-email package and earns more efficiency ever before with their patented features and modules and protecting priceless data unprecedentedly.

Need Xgenplus Product – Here’s your link to find various packages suiting your organisation needs

Let me know your views about it and share the article with others!