It’s Time to plunge my Blogging with the self-hosted website ‘’


Finally, blogging with has come to an end!

This means,  my blog – The Startups Formula is now with my self-hosted website –

My previous blog is on the name “Startups Formula” blog with . Now, my blog name is “The Startups Formula” blog with

Having an own website with a custom domain name is my absolute dream and it has come true today. And I’m ready to launch my serious goals, mission, vision of my blog for the next year 2017.

Indeed, maintaining and handling a self-hosted website gives me tons of excitement , but, at the same time, there lies a massive responsibility to raise the bar of my blogging brand to completely new level.

However, this takes lots of time,energy, patience and effort to establish my blog as an exclusive brand and engage right audience.

For example, there are these tasks –

  1. Targeting right audience
  2. Retaining loyal readers
  3. Maintaining qualitative and informative content
  4. Handling SEO issues
  5. Finding right opportunities to engage clients
  6. Meet and maintain relations with co-bloggers
  7. Work from home challenges
  8. Beating the content and blogging competition

What do the -The Startups Formula Blog serves ?

  • Content Engineering  – My exclusive guide on ‘Why Blog is your next big thing if you want to pursue your business  seriously’ , ‘How to Blog like a CEO’ and ‘How to Blog effectively before plunging into Content Marketing’
  • Reveal ‘Top Blogging strategies’ to help small businesses, nascent startups,Online business owners, Newbie bloggers with the effective tools, tips, tactics and growth hacks ideal for content marketing launch
  • Generate reviews on the Products, Apps, Tools,Digital marketing websites and other resources essential for aspiring Blogpreneurs

Why I have to go with my own website?

The Content management system with is fantastic, while offering an incredible experience on how to blog effectively and use appropriate tools.

I intentionally took 6 months of time to get hands-on experience on the kind of blogging and dive into some serious blogging  goals.

When I say serious blogging journey, there are thousands of things that I kept missing without a self-hosted website. That means, there’s no specific identity for my blog because there’s always ‘’ attached to the blog name ( . This, indeed, did not produce an accurate unique identity for my blog.

Yes, this is the significant aspect I considered keenly and took an appropriate decision to buy and own a domain of my choice.

However, there are tons of options one can get out of owning a (custom name) blog or website – having advanced plugins, brand visibility, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) ranking, reach targeted clients and produce qualitative Blog-graphics and Infographics.

How did I do?

I purchased my domain name and hosting from Bluehost and designed my own website  while following an ebook ‘The Ultimate wordpress guide’ by Pro Blogger – Harsh Agarwal @Shoutmeloud.

Next, coming to my web design I designed my website theme purchasing a premium theme – Genesis Framework theme and a child theme –  Pretty Creative Theme

Rest all, I mean technical stuff and other aspects have been DIY process and followed a search on Google for more guided instructions.

So far, building a website is as equivalent to constructing a building and I can say it’s not easy (I took exactly two months in intervals) but it’s not an impossible task to just leave your hope to try a web design for yourself.

I think I covered all the major things that made me to own a website, but I’ll cover the important wordpress plugins, I’m using for my website in ‘The Startups Formula‘ website.

Logo for  ‘The Startups Formula’ Blog:

I chose a simple logo that reflects my blog’s brand image with words itself.


You can see in the image I chose only words that is same as my blog name , which is clear and concise and will easily register in a reader’s mind and create an agile relationship with the blog and the reader.

How about old Content?

All my old posts or content are now available in the new site Please click the link and share your thoughts and continue the same journey with my blogging.

A big Thanks –

Thanking all my dear loyal readers does not satisfy me, but I’ve to express my gratitude towards all your encouragement to read my articles and feel motivated at the end of the day.

So, I took my responsibility to new heights owning a website and produce more qualitative content and conduct loyal relationship with all dear readers.

Thanks so much again!

Hope you like the new blogging site ‘The Startups Formula’ and shower your support with relentless reading and sharing.



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