Know how these 8 exceptional results make you a pro with an Effective Business case writing


If you are undergoing with a project proposal to be approved by your senior executives  or want to upgrade the project capacity to the next level or you’re working on a blueprint of how a new venture look like, then there is this ‘Business case writing’ comes first by a team leader or project leader or business analyst or an Entrepreneur  to make sure that every step of the project gets reflected in a written format. A writing without a purpose or any objectives or obscure vision will not drive and procure right resources and make a project approved. Now, if you’re a novice who wants to put forward a proposal to decision makers, then you cannot underestimate the power of writing a business case that drives a project competently. This is the time that you get a right platform to get shaped on how to write a business case like a pro from the training conducted by Graspskills IT service training and consulting organisation

You find few organisations that sharpens your ability to train on business case writing effectively . From my recent research I found Graspskills is one IT service organisation that is training on ‘Business Case Writing’ that can’t be missed out by Business analyst, Project managers Project office managers, Managers and Team leaders, Consultants, Entrepreneurs and Business owners.

You’ll find the following agenda covered during the training :

  • The business case -What it is, its purpose and understanding stakeholder objectives
  • Seven-step process -A walk through a simple example of opportunity statement to conclusion
  • Cost/benefit analysis -Types of costs and benefits and how to quantify them
  • Presenting the information -Preparing an executive summary; tips on using graphs, tables, charts and slide

Even if you might be having a 360 degrees knowledge and clarity on how to pursue the proposal, it is vital to emphasis on how to collect the data, discussions, research, assumptions, solutions, alternative options, opportunity costs and risks to be presented in well written format. And the workshop guides you to understand the core aim of the programme that you want to seek, where a basic writing does not help to get desired outcomes. Then, what level of writing is required that is enough to birth a project successfully? The answer is an effective business case writing is the appropriate methodology needed to adapt in a scenario to pursue a definitive business proposal.

 Undoubtedly, gathering the entire concept of a business plan on to a single business case template is the heart of a rewarding project. It is a scheme or a plot or a procedure or a layout or a pattern that structures out a massive project plan successfully

Training addresses the needs on:

Next, the possible question you might get at this juncture is – if at all you’re writing an impressive business case or not? Here, the training throws light on multiple things one should consider before initiating a proposal and pursue best results out of a proposal. Firstly, it is to get answers for these questions –

  1. What is the project’s business case about?
  2. Why do need to prepare a business case?
  3. When is the business case proposal needed?

What is the project’s business case about:

It is a document that reflects a decision making to seek an asset investment on the basis of research, solutions, assumptions, pros and cons of the project, risks and funds. Also, a perfect guide that navigates executives or government agency with adequate knowledge and resources necessary to accept the project proposal or not further.

Why do need to prepare a business case:

A business project takes its shape is to get endorsement or funds essential to establish a project in real . Here, the ultimate goal for any business case writing should be to make sure ,senior management interprets the depth of a project’s aim significance, if not a successful nod from relevant department executives. It is an effective tool that educates executives on the project’s vision; its bunch of merits; impact of the project on organisation’s that resolves any  issues faced by the current project. It shows the benefit to accept a new proposal and consider it into business development process.

When is the business case proposal needed:

A business case writing is essential when there are suitable evidences, options, data, resources, graphs, financials that supports a business proposal and results out a best discussion among the participants. Every detail of the project should speak appropriate steps taken to bring best alternative solution to a current project.

Finally, the following exceptional results are inevitable from the training:

Know the Right audience: Knowing the target audience orients the objective of a writing. It filters out key findings , discussions, research and development that provides sufficient clarity to decision makers.

Allow No Jargons: Sometimes, it might happen to discuss a project with key people who are not related to project background. However, it plays a critical role in understanding your proposal in a non-jargon data presentation with those significant team and gain  more strength for your project proposal.

Discussions: A summary to numerous knowledgeable and validating discussions among stakeholders, other departments team and with decision makers revives a project report and creates qualitative conclusions at a business proposal meeting

Value Key risks: Helps to identify existing potential concerns or issues faced during recent scenarios and include strategies to reduce and manage those risks that matches organisation’s internal risk procedures.

Understand Opportunity costs: Summarises costs and benefits associated to your proposal with a clear and concise financial measures and assumptions undertaken by a project; a well interpreted data in the form of – graphs, tables, appendices, external links (validates the financial figures)

Pros and Cons: Creates a clear map between pros and cons linked to project’s vision, which focusses on how installing a proposal would influence business efficiency such as – performance, process control, compliance, corporate governance, risk management, business reputation,social responsibility and cost savings

Technological advancement features: Leverages a decision to replace or upgrade technical requirements for the project with a description to- who will manage; how it is managed; how it is monitored; how it is reported internally and externally; timing to implement the project and plan to handle any shutdown issues carefully.

Alternative solutions: Produces alternative solutions to complexities faced by a current programme; or explains a scope to enhance the productivity of a project and reduce any loss associated with current schemes or technology or machines.

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So let me know your insights on Business case writing workshops if at all you attended and their impact at organisation level and your career growth. And, don’t forget to share which will help others to grow.

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