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From here you’ll find more about “Me” and ‘My Blog’s Purpose’


Hello!  I’m Kheer , an avid Blog lover and Entrepreneur by nature, actions and lifestyle. I found Blogging as a smart platform to share and connect unlimited knowledge across globe. I, often, believe in the words “Sky is the only limit.” When I read or remind these words I move a notch up in my work and achieve the goals set by me in life.  I’m a kind of person who wants to live and work for a job I love the most.IMG_20160516_234411

People say they work for 18 hours a day or 10 hours a day , but  I work for passion , I work for my peace of mind , I work for knowledge ‘learn – share -grow’ . I learn and work and grow for countless minutes and infinite hours and it ends only after my last breathe.

Subjects I love and love to discuss with others:

  • Read – Entrepreneurship,great personalities books, startups stories, technology evolution, finance magazines and articles, investments, blogs
  • Listen to and Watch – Youtube (for tons of motivation), Shark tank, entrepreneur stories and their interviews
  • Do- Invest time for startup ideas and venture out them, blogging and exercise (my ultimate endorphin and caffeine every day)

Vision of Startups Formula:

To be an ultimate platform to all aspiring entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs, women entrepreneurs, online businesses to get inspired and help to reach their dreams come true.

Mission of Startups Formula:

To produce ultimate guide on

  1. Inspiration articles from Entrepreneurs – for aspring Entrepreneurs
  2. Self-motivation topics
  3. Startups case studies – How they work, what formulas to adopt and avoid common mistakes
  4. Online marketing tools, digital media marketing subjects and ways to improve your online business growth
  5.  Quotes – A better tip for a better today
  6. Others – Valuable apps, devices, magazines, articles, videos and lifestyle

That’s pretty much in crux about me and my blog. But, soon , you’ll find me in my words in the blog and your inspiration cooked from this very blog.

Thank you loads!Keep surfing and sharing the things you loved from this blog and meet at some common points to discuss!!

Con Amore,