How ‘Who’ in your content makes an”Whoooray” Content marketing

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Before knowing right ‘Who’ in your content, you will need essentially ‘Why in your content marketing‘(which was my earlier snippet). Then, next step to design an effective content  is to find the right audience and categorise your content proportional to the type of customers or audience. This snippet reveals the possible answers you get from targeting the ‘Who’ in your content.

When you know ‘Who’ is your targeted segment, then this is the critical step to determine type of audience you want to accomplish  your brand’s product visibility. For example, my articles essentially target ‘Newbie Entrepreneurs’  , ‘Newbie Bloggers’ , ‘Newbie writers’, and ‘Newbie online business owners’ . Here, the term ‘Newbie’ is itself a subset of Entrepreneurs or Bloggers or Writers group. When I design my articles I focus primarily on this segment (Newbie) and curate the content relative to the ‘newbie’ needs and provide solutions for their content marketing endeavours.

The above practical example, showcases the significance to segment the primary needs or problems faced by your customers. You can research on the trends or forecast customers needs using Nielsen or Edison Research and come up with a vital content that has a purpose and direction. Post-conducting the research, you’ll get the following possible results developing content that suits your niche audience

  1. Solve problems – Project the key aspects that your product has equipped to solve futuristic issues, which indeed, produces an amazing effect to your customers
  2. Serve a need: Reflect your brand endeavours that serve the needs trending in your customer’s lives
  3. Chance to explore more: Besides to serving needs and solutions to realistic issues, you can give your targeted audience a chance to explore more from your existing product or give an opportunity to explore the richness of a to-be-launched product.

Let me know if you’ve started your content marketing campaign that generated the above or more results and share your experiences from the strategies incorporated so far.

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Giveaway timwp-1469707444889.jpge is what we all excite about and can’t resist to participate in the contest. Yes, right! Okay, before knowing about the giveaway is, one should know some excellent features of SEMrush and why it will be your must-have tool for business.

What this Smart marketing toolbox has for you –

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Two wings of Semrush that your business will fly successfully:

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Your business with SEMrush will have:

  1. Organic Research about your Competitors.
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And there are multiple features that SEMrush takes care of :

Analytics reports:

  1. Organic research
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  7. Product listing ads


  1. Keyword Difficulty
  2. Domain Vs. Domain
  3. Charts
  4. My reports


  1. Position tracking
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