Here’s the thing that tell you can’t miss TiE Global Summit 2016

Here's the thing that tell you can't miss TiE Global Summit 2016.png

Today, I’m very overwhelmed to write this post with my insights cascaded on the one of the largest Entrepreneurship Conferences- TiE (The Indus Entrepreneurs) Global Summit 2016 happening in New Delhi.


You’re reading this article because, you are in the journey of pursuing a Startup or working on an outstanding project idea right from your college campus or you’ve already pioneered an unprecedented venture with a group of passionate partners like you or you’re someone who wants to plunge soon in the world of being an Entrepreneur soon.

Okay, if you think you belong to any of those above personalities ,then there’s one thing in common that you’re an Entrepreneur by nature, regardless to your stage of Entrepreneurship journey.

There are massive things (Inspired from reading remarkable journeys of Great people; or Spearhead a project to resolve the common man’s pain points; or Share unique ideas with likeminded people; and sometimes, it happens through a sheer passion)  that a common man changes his/ her career track as a Leader or a key person to a Global company or an Entrepreneur.

However, it is seldom that you get an opportunity to share an idea or venture and if you’re lucky you will experience an extraordinary opportunity knocking your door to grow a network of a similar tribe. In fact, you can coin the term as ‘Networking’, that explodes your connections to powerful leaders and get influenced by the influencers in the relative industry.

From the HBR article ‘How successful people network each other’ by Dorie Clark , she cites that the world is competing for the attention of successful people for which she recommends the best strategy to grow your business community, first, is to make them to meet you and allow them to connect with your expertise, and finally, grow a mutual network of influencers.

So, from the above citation by Dorie Clark, the primary step to grow your expertise (subject of interest or your brand)  is to show yourself in the events where Big people meet at the conferences or events.

So if you feel you want to pitch in a solid network of connections ,then it’s not a complete year for an Entrepreneur without attending the largest Entrepreneurship conference – TiE Global Summit 2016, held on December 16-17  at Taj Palace, New Delhi, which is in partnership with the leading agencies of the Government of India, 20+ TiE chapters from India, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia and Dubai, and global venture capital funds will be the largest such conference for entrepreneurs anywhere in the world

TiEcon is annual flagship conference ranked equally among top 10 world conferences Demo, TED and World Economic Forum for ideas and Entrepreneurship by Worth Magazine , engage  4,800+ attendees from 22+ countries.


Summit Highlights:

  1. Let’s Speed network: Allows you to address networking pain points clearly and get an appropriate solution in a matter of 120 seconds
  2. Workshop:  A series of workshops or sessions covering critical aspects in areas – Fund raising , Personal branding, Attracting talent, Building partnerships and so on.
  3. Excellence awards: TiE’s celebrates the success of innovative, extraordinary and sustainable startups in it’s 7th year.
  4. Young achiever award: TiE recognises and awards three young achievers under 30 in the field of sports, art and culture, who inspired young generation to face the challenges, overcome obstacles and succeed beyond limitations.
  5. Koffee with Keynotes: This schedule gives an astounding opportunity to take your own time with Keynotes
  6. Meet and Greet Charter members: Here’s your chance to get candid with TiE charter members over tea or coffee at pre-specified  lounges and propel your scope of experiences to only 10X greater with such one meet.
  7. Spirit of Manufacturing awards: These awards encourage and applaud the Startups in manufacturing domain that brought implementable business solutions .





Eminent Speakers you get to meet

Rana Kapoor ( Managing Director and CEO, YES Bank), Amitabh Kant ( CEO, Niti Aayog, Govt of India), Travis Kalanick (Co-founder Uber), Ramesh Abhishek (Secretary Dept. of Industrial Policy & Promotion), Sanjay Mehrotra (Co-founder & Former President & CEO SanDisk) and the list is endless with remarkable achievers meeting at one platform.

Words are not countable to the kind of experience one can gain from a mammoth conference like TiE Global Summit 2016.

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Registrations are basically offered to – 1. TiE Delhi NCR members 2. Other Chapter members 3. Non-members and Students

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Let me know your views from attending the event and also share your insights if at all attended an Entrepreneurship or Leadership conferences like this before.

Let the article Shared by you, after all ,’Sharing is Caring

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Know the essence of being a Leader and a trait that exists in every person


Leadership is a trait that’s there in everyone of us and that takes myriad forms based on the nature of responsibility undertaken by an individual. This is a new insight, I came to know when I read an ebook by ISHA Insight  , where Sadhguru has revealed the essence of Leadership and how it exist in every person. It threw me a massive influence on how to nurture Leadership in several scenarios and then I analysed my Leadership trait when I work on my blog’s workflow and deal with my clients and progress in my journey of being as a- Blogger, Influencer and Content writer. Post-analysation, I realised that somehow through my blog, I’m able to make an impact in this world with a vision to evoke Entrepreneurial spirit in young minds. However,this impact of work made me to correlate the crux of being a Leader by Sadhguru – it is the key skill that everyone possess and for which one only needs to give space and time to incubate the quality of leadership. There’s one such incubation centre – TPMC institute conducting workshop on ‘Leadership presence and Influence’ to bring hands-on experience on Leadership influence in relevant fields and divulge on ‘get-it-done’ attitude presence.

Leadership – is it a born skill?

Indeed, there are several roles I’ve to undertake to manage my  blog – to research on appropriate resources, compose competitive and qualitative articles, engage with clients, manage social media feeds, negotiate purchases, schedule blog calendar and more. Now, to deal with the bunch of these jobs daily takes me to the next level of understanding on – what more my readers want ;design topics on reader’s interest and awareness; and pursue blog’s mission even under tough scenarios. At any given situation ,the purpose of my blog is to inspire my readers (Entrepreneurs-to-be) in the niche I’m passionate about and impart intelligence on Entrepreneurship, Startups Formula and business growth hacks, productivity tools and anchor them to start a business right from home.

The above context emphasises on the effect of ‘Influence’ made and how it imparts responsibility to guide your followers or colleagues or friends or readers or juniors or students. In this digital world, everyone is occupied with millions of thoughts and tasks that sometimes a person misses an opportunity to mentor his or her own team or group. Although, you might be good at negotiations or better at motivating your work members , but, there will be times you can’t pursue goals to move ahead, this is the time you need some action needed to take a lead and generate the big results.

From my research, I found TPMC offering an appropriate two-day workshop on ‘Leadership presence and Influence’ to the Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Business owners and Senior executives presented by the coach and facilitator Sudhakar I.Prabhu, who pours in his stupendous experience gained from whilst facilitating over 350 leadership workshops. The chief consultant of TPMC has worked with over 5000 leaders and managers at all levels of the organisation.

TPMC as an organisation strives to-

1. Deliver relentless solutions in the genres – Management and Leadership development, Communication skills development, Sales competency development and Customer service development

2. Offer consultancy services – Organisation effectiveness; Leadership effectiveness; Employee engagement; Learning and development.

Key outcomes from the workshop:

Learn: How to use the right mix of influence strategies for an effective influence

Empower: Participants get absolute awareness on leadership communication situations – persuasion, getting buy-in, negotiations, consensus building and collaborations

Impact: Participants gain understanding on -behavioural aspects, leadership principles, experiential learning to make right impact on people

Excel: A framework allows participant to excel on  – Intention, Interaction and Influence to emit leadership presence and spread the influence.

After all, there is only other dimensions of Leadership discovered by you attending the workshop.

Don’t wait, Grab your Seat –

Here’s your chance to grab your seat for a massive transformation in you – Leadership presence and Influence workshop 

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Let me know your views about any Leadership workshop you attended so far or want to participate in future seminars or events or workshops. Also, share this post to help someone somewhere in this world

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Know how these 8 exceptional results make you a pro with an Effective Business case writing


If you are undergoing with a project proposal to be approved by your senior executives  or want to upgrade the project capacity to the next level or you’re working on a blueprint of how a new venture look like, then there is this ‘Business case writing’ comes first by a team leader or project leader or business analyst or an Entrepreneur  to make sure that every step of the project gets reflected in a written format. A writing without a purpose or any objectives or obscure vision will not drive and procure right resources and make a project approved. Now, if you’re a novice who wants to put forward a proposal to decision makers, then you cannot underestimate the power of writing a business case that drives a project competently. This is the time that you get a right platform to get shaped on how to write a business case like a pro from the training conducted by Graspskills IT service training and consulting organisation

You find few organisations that sharpens your ability to train on business case writing effectively . From my recent research I found Graspskills is one IT service organisation that is training on ‘Business Case Writing’ that can’t be missed out by Business analyst, Project managers Project office managers, Managers and Team leaders, Consultants, Entrepreneurs and Business owners.

You’ll find the following agenda covered during the training :

  • The business case -What it is, its purpose and understanding stakeholder objectives
  • Seven-step process -A walk through a simple example of opportunity statement to conclusion
  • Cost/benefit analysis -Types of costs and benefits and how to quantify them
  • Presenting the information -Preparing an executive summary; tips on using graphs, tables, charts and slide

Even if you might be having a 360 degrees knowledge and clarity on how to pursue the proposal, it is vital to emphasis on how to collect the data, discussions, research, assumptions, solutions, alternative options, opportunity costs and risks to be presented in well written format. And the workshop guides you to understand the core aim of the programme that you want to seek, where a basic writing does not help to get desired outcomes. Then, what level of writing is required that is enough to birth a project successfully? The answer is an effective business case writing is the appropriate methodology needed to adapt in a scenario to pursue a definitive business proposal.

 Undoubtedly, gathering the entire concept of a business plan on to a single business case template is the heart of a rewarding project. It is a scheme or a plot or a procedure or a layout or a pattern that structures out a massive project plan successfully

Training addresses the needs on:

Next, the possible question you might get at this juncture is – if at all you’re writing an impressive business case or not? Here, the training throws light on multiple things one should consider before initiating a proposal and pursue best results out of a proposal. Firstly, it is to get answers for these questions –

  1. What is the project’s business case about?
  2. Why do need to prepare a business case?
  3. When is the business case proposal needed?

What is the project’s business case about:

It is a document that reflects a decision making to seek an asset investment on the basis of research, solutions, assumptions, pros and cons of the project, risks and funds. Also, a perfect guide that navigates executives or government agency with adequate knowledge and resources necessary to accept the project proposal or not further.

Why do need to prepare a business case:

A business project takes its shape is to get endorsement or funds essential to establish a project in real . Here, the ultimate goal for any business case writing should be to make sure ,senior management interprets the depth of a project’s aim significance, if not a successful nod from relevant department executives. It is an effective tool that educates executives on the project’s vision; its bunch of merits; impact of the project on organisation’s that resolves any  issues faced by the current project. It shows the benefit to accept a new proposal and consider it into business development process.

When is the business case proposal needed:

A business case writing is essential when there are suitable evidences, options, data, resources, graphs, financials that supports a business proposal and results out a best discussion among the participants. Every detail of the project should speak appropriate steps taken to bring best alternative solution to a current project.

Finally, the following exceptional results are inevitable from the training:

Know the Right audience: Knowing the target audience orients the objective of a writing. It filters out key findings , discussions, research and development that provides sufficient clarity to decision makers.

Allow No Jargons: Sometimes, it might happen to discuss a project with key people who are not related to project background. However, it plays a critical role in understanding your proposal in a non-jargon data presentation with those significant team and gain  more strength for your project proposal.

Discussions: A summary to numerous knowledgeable and validating discussions among stakeholders, other departments team and with decision makers revives a project report and creates qualitative conclusions at a business proposal meeting

Value Key risks: Helps to identify existing potential concerns or issues faced during recent scenarios and include strategies to reduce and manage those risks that matches organisation’s internal risk procedures.

Understand Opportunity costs: Summarises costs and benefits associated to your proposal with a clear and concise financial measures and assumptions undertaken by a project; a well interpreted data in the form of – graphs, tables, appendices, external links (validates the financial figures)

Pros and Cons: Creates a clear map between pros and cons linked to project’s vision, which focusses on how installing a proposal would influence business efficiency such as – performance, process control, compliance, corporate governance, risk management, business reputation,social responsibility and cost savings

Technological advancement features: Leverages a decision to replace or upgrade technical requirements for the project with a description to- who will manage; how it is managed; how it is monitored; how it is reported internally and externally; timing to implement the project and plan to handle any shutdown issues carefully.

Alternative solutions: Produces alternative solutions to complexities faced by a current programme; or explains a scope to enhance the productivity of a project and reduce any loss associated with current schemes or technology or machines.

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It is the learning curve that grows a career span in this competitive world and acclaim extraordinary credentials to your profile. This is an one-time investment that makes as an invaluable asset and hikes your knowledge, experience and management skills to a completely new level. If you’re planning to have more participants from your organisation or you have a group of friends want to attend the training , there is this discount offered for group participants to share brilliant experience together from the session 3 participants and know more about contacting

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So let me know your insights on Business case writing workshops if at all you attended and their impact at organisation level and your career growth. And, don’t forget to share which will help others to grow.

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