Snippet #4: Know ‘Why’ in your content marketing


When you don’t know where to start your content marketing campaign and end up with potential clients or customers or audience. The first point you need to start is with a question ‘Why’. Knowing ‘Why’ in your business is the key aspect to curate an effective content marketing which accomplishes one of 6 business objectives  – Branding, community building, public relations, market research, customer service, and lead/sales generation.

This snippet offers relative benefits knowing ‘Why’ in your content marketing:

Purpose- When the question of why arrives, then 'Purpose' of your project gets a clarity and vision to drive the brand engagement with customersSolution- When project's vision is clear, you are ready to give a soluti.png

Snippet #3 -An effective hack for Contagious Content’ment

An effective hack for Contagious Contentment through your content.png

Contentment is the qualitative feeling that is only reached when a desire or a need or a expectation of a customer is fulfilled using your product or service. Also, there is the other way to celebrate your customers contentment through the social media channels which seems to be a contagious strategy for reaping more flourishing audience/customers.

Snippet #3 offers an effective hack on ‘How to aim for contagious contentment through your content: