October Favourites


It’s time to reveal a new phase of my experiences while expediting in the genre -Entrepreneurship, Startups, Content marketing and writing ,Business growth hacks and Productivity tips through my monthly Favourites. These favourites essentially unveils my insights, learnings, practise, changes, lifestyle, perception, blog’s enrichment and more.

Usually, I keep memorising the most influential articles or videos or stories or interviews or books or magazines every now and then, that motivates my goals towards Startups Formula blog’s vision. Recently,with the launch of content marketing or writing snippets, my blog’s readership is seeing healthy  growth and that’s encouraging me to share more insights on my favourite list during October month  Entrepreneur’s interview, productivity apps, amazing articles, business ideas and more related stuff under ‘My Monthly Favourites’ genre.

How’s this October 2016!

October has been a month of  learning curve regarding – my blog’s productivity tools, an article that improved my focus on success , a video on tell a business idea in a snap and more. Now, it’s time to unleash the things that made an impact on my daily life, my thinking approach and blogging efficacy through these favourites.

Google Docs – Have you ever wondered that while you documented a report that saves your content manually and lost some significant changes when you forgot to save it intentionally? I think this might happened, pretty many times, to everyone of us, when there’s a serious project undertaken. Right! I had a bitter experience when I had to submit my internship report to the manager of a Leading bank in India, where I took efforts to submit a better documentation with necessary changes suggested by my mentor and the manager. But, unfortunately, all the changes I saved were lost when I submitted the report to my seniors. You can imagine the result I faced when they were expecting good changes in the projectscreen-shot-2016-11-07-at-3-22-41-pm

Now, it made me a better person  with many of experiences till today, to see my data is correctly saved and reflect those same changes on all the devices anywhere in the world. This is because of Google Docs app that made my life easier  -from documenting my articles, saving important excerpts from distinctive people, writing a book , composing business reports, describing my experiences to customising my profile content on all social media platforms and more.  screen-shot-2016-11-07-at-3-23-05-pm


It is the most easier practical and your go-to docs app that keeps all your files available in two modes -1. Online 2. Offline. It’s not only that you can edit the document, but, there is a wide flexibility that anyone can edit your content with your permission and giving an edge towards privacy plus team work. And, chat and comment option is one that will keep you more writing enthusiast to complete the work done promptly with suggestions offered through chats and comments. screen-shot-2016-11-07-at-3-22-55-pm

There are seriously jaw-dropping options – intelligent editing, styling tools, contemporary templates (genres – resume, science report, case report, lab report and more) and share with anyone-  that you’ll find while you work on the app. My experience with this tool has helped my blogging content so secured and feasible that enabled to discuss my work with my clients and partners stunningly.

Screenshot credit -Google Docs

Now, don’t wait to experience the flawless productivity tool for your business and personal projects with this smart phone friendly app (available in Android). Join here to sign in with your Gmail account – Google Docs

Trello App: 

It is common that our elders suggest us to make a To-do list on a paper and organise our tasks and achieve the results. This simple tip is an incredible one that changes the results exponentially even there were no phones nor smart phones. In fact, till today, I do write my To-do list things  on a paper and conduct the tasks and feel accomplished on any day. But, when it comes to Blogging it is significant to put things more smartly and execute in well scheduled process. What I mean is to design my Blog calendar and compose articles that are listed in the Editorial calendar. Although I write sometimes in my diary and other times update few concepts in Google docs, but, importantly I update my Blog planner on Trello App used on my smart phone.

Trello is a simple go-to Project management tool that helps your productivity individually and as a team. It allows you to schedule your tasks in three modules and add more (depending on your project) with customised names – 1. To-Do 2. Doing  3. Done (My Blog’s Calendar process names)


Initially, I name and prepare a task with a project name I’ve to do in a day or a month. Later I decide the tasks or to-do things associated to project and put them  under ‘To-do’ module. Once I progress the tasks , I move the tasks from ‘To-do’ module to ‘Doing’ module. During this period, I ensure that all my tasks under ‘Doing’ module are progressing further and go to ‘Done’ module.



Don’t you think it is so visible that you’re achieving the goals by simply performing with this project management tool? Yes, it’s so perfect that you going to see that your work  that is scheduled and see it is going under the project’s objective. This means you’re implicitly disciplined to work on the goals individually without a boss keeping an eye on project progression. Also, as a team, Trello is a stupendous tool that pools in capabilities of more members and enhances their efficiencies to reach their tasks going under ‘Completed/ Done’ module. This way, the flow of project raises inherent healthy competition among members and incorporate quality discussions within a team and pursue goals in right timeframe.

Screenshot courtesy – Trello.com

My Blog’s efficiency has simply going smooth and great with Trello , which easily drifts its shape – as a project management tool if you’re a team and as a best productivity tool if you’re a student or a business owner or entrepreneur or mom and blogger like me.

Deepak Chopra’s 7 Tips for Business success

There are 7 astounding  tips from Deepak Chopra, who opened up the core understanding on what it is to be a Business success , published by Entrepreneur magazine, which drew my eyes on his unbelievable interpretation about success.

Well, before moving on to which particular lines by Mr.Chopra that has impacted my notion about being success, I want to put forward who is Deepak Chopra and his contributions and his latest roles with organisations.

Deepak Chopra is a personality with two dimensions sparkling as a Leader to renowned organisations and the Leader from inside who explores his true being and relish the essence of being a happy soul.

Screen Shot 2016-11-08 at 9.36.20 pm.png
Screenshot credit- LinkedIn

He is Chairman of the board, Founder and Director of The Chopra Foundation and Co-founder of The Chopra centre for Well being . An author to more than 80 books and to mention few – Ageless Body, Timeless mind(1993)  and the seven spiritual laws of success(1995)  fame on The Books of The century Best sellers list. Besides to these multi-dimensional roles, he extends his roles as co-founder of Jiyo and as an adjunct professor to reputed universities – Kellogg School of Management, Columbia University and more.

This article has built on 7 key ingredients that builds a clear path on ‘What it means to do a Business or to be as an Entrepreneur”

  1. Ask yourself, ‘Why do I want to be in Business?
  2. Define your vision for success
  3. Think about who you want to work with and what you want to accomplish together
  4. Detach yourself from the outcome
  5. Create goals and establish timeline for achieving them
  6. Know what it means to be disruptive and disrupt
  7. See problems as opportunities

The entire context throws light on a process to create a sustainable business while asking the valid and reliable questions (pertaining to the objective of a business pursuit). I loved reading and relish the awesomeness packed within each word explained by him. But, there is this 4th tip – Detach yourself from the outcome , which made me to broaden my horizons on outcomes (especially success result). It is a judgement between two scenarios – Outcome oriented Vs. Process oriented. Everyone knows and practise more of an Outcome oriented approach,but,the latter is  more complex and practical approach to taste the real success in the race. When I read the entire understanding on this tip, I tried to implement it on my Blog’s views and statistics, to my surprise, it kept changing my emotional intelligence and put me in a track that I want to focus on quality of work posted by me and dedicate my expertise in the niche I’m able to do now (Startups and Businesses growth hacks, Productivity tools, Content writing and marketing).

Before reading these tips, I somehow focussed on the numbers besides striving hard to bring a best work to my readers, which made me to feel down and made me to think alternative methods to spread my blog’s scope and gain good audience. However, this struggle made me to work hard enough to knock more doors using social media. Today, I hardly see the Stats Page of my blog ( number of views or visitors or likes to my post) and continue to compose the content qualitatively and only pursue excellence as a key mission of my blog.

Yes, it takes a great commitment to seek excellence in a journey you own. Never worry, it’s the time that decides to enlighten the right knowledge that we want.

Here the article that you can have a read too –Deepak Chopra’s 7 Tips for Business success

The Vault – Explain your business in 10 seconds: 

Can you Explain your business in 10 seconds? Ahhh, Yes or No ? May be, Yes, ahh, may be, No!! There are several questions and answers kept challenging me to get a one-word answer (Yes or No). This happened when I saw this video – The Vault -Entrepreneurs speak.

Recommended Read – To know more about The Vault reality Show and my expectations

Screen Shot 2016-11-08 at 8.00.10 pm.png
Photo credit – The Vault show

It’s the quick thing that you want to put your business plan in short which is proportional to time. Now, doing that is no easy task as to discuss your venture at a favourite cafeteria, but, doing that in a few seconds shows your confidence to address your business’s vision in crux and in a more comprehensible context. So, this particular video stirred up me my potential to explain my Blog’s purpose in a shortest time available. Don’t you think ,it’s so intriguing to know and measure your clarity over your business objective and understand where you stand to make others believe in your idea.

Of course, this is helping me to grow my clarity over my blog’s upcoming projects and where I want to reach after few years. Although this kind of thinking process might take hours in my mind, but, when it comes to a place where I want to put in my Blog’s vision, I’ll be in a position to put my words with more precision.

Here’s the video you can check – The Vault -Entrepreneurs speak.

Entrepreneur’s Formula – Shradha Sharma

Shradha Sharma is a Founder of YourStory media, a leading Entrepreneur portal in India, sharing thousands of stories on Indian Entrepreneurial Ecosystem. I’m an ardent follower of this YourStory webpage that makes my spirit high, every time, I read a story from this treasure. So, in my expedition to know more about Womenpreneur – Shradha Sharma, I found and watched a video – What’s Her Story?

Screen Shot 2016-11-08 at 9.00.37 pm.png
Photo credit – LinkedIn 

Well, she was able to narrate her story which made her to what she is today and certainly believes in that every one has own story to share. From the bunch of  significant things she delivered, there is one point that struck me and making me to practise the very thing she suggested at the end of the watch. It is to ‘Give Give Give’ and world knows how to ‘Give back’ and this is the formula that she believes in and brings contentment. This is how she started ‘YourStory’ media venture in 2008 ,which is to only give back to the society through the stories from achievers.

Screen Shot 2016-11-08 at 8.47.30 pm.png
Yourstory Web page

It is this Entrepreneur’s Formula that made me to pull my socks up to share my experiences and insights through my Blog.These days, whenever I repeat these words in my mind I get complacency and feel amazing about my work. Also, I got much response than I expected about my blog where I started with sincere passion and follow my belief – Learn, Share and Grow.

Here’s the video you can watch – What’s Her Story?  and grasp your take from her invaluable experience.

That’s all about my October Favourites and do share with your friends that you know because it will let someone be helpful in this world. Also, do let me know the other tools, stories and more from your favourites that made an impact in your life.

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