3 I’s for a curious Content recipe


There is always one thing that audience or customers is curious about ‘What I get in from this Service or Product’. And today businesses via social media world are reinventing ‘n’ number of ways to allure customer’s hearts and thrive hard enough to satisfy the customers’ quest bringing novelty in every product they purchase. This snippet offers more emphasise on three  vital ingredients for cooking a great content recipe necessary to easily connect customer’s soul with your brand.


Trick or treat -to have a powerful content


Snippet #1

Words are only words if they’re without a soul or a purpose, which is undertaken for a reason to support a temporary task . Then, what it means to have a content that discriminates an usual content to a distinctive content? It is a soul that navigates the message into a right destination of a subject and connects a relationship between two hearts or souls or minds. Yes, it is as exactly as any love letter written to make someone get impressed by your emotions and stories expressed in stupendous ways.

In this snippet – follow these essential points to generate a powerful content:


Trick or Treat with a Powerful content using above points.

Happy Halloween!

Let me know more about your views on this snippet. And do discuss what more we can learn and grow together through my blog. Don’t forget to share, someone in this world deserves this!

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Know how these 8 exceptional results make you a pro with an Effective Business case writing


If you are undergoing with a project proposal to be approved by your senior executives  or want to upgrade the project capacity to the next level or you’re working on a blueprint of how a new venture look like, then there is this ‘Business case writing’ comes first by a team leader or project leader or business analyst or an Entrepreneur  to make sure that every step of the project gets reflected in a written format. A writing without a purpose or any objectives or obscure vision will not drive and procure right resources and make a project approved. Now, if you’re a novice who wants to put forward a proposal to decision makers, then you cannot underestimate the power of writing a business case that drives a project competently. This is the time that you get a right platform to get shaped on how to write a business case like a pro from the training conducted by Graspskills IT service training and consulting organisation

You find few organisations that sharpens your ability to train on business case writing effectively . From my recent research I found Graspskills is one IT service organisation that is training on ‘Business Case Writing’ that can’t be missed out by Business analyst, Project managers Project office managers, Managers and Team leaders, Consultants, Entrepreneurs and Business owners.

You’ll find the following agenda covered during the training :

  • The business case -What it is, its purpose and understanding stakeholder objectives
  • Seven-step process -A walk through a simple example of opportunity statement to conclusion
  • Cost/benefit analysis -Types of costs and benefits and how to quantify them
  • Presenting the information -Preparing an executive summary; tips on using graphs, tables, charts and slide

Even if you might be having a 360 degrees knowledge and clarity on how to pursue the proposal, it is vital to emphasis on how to collect the data, discussions, research, assumptions, solutions, alternative options, opportunity costs and risks to be presented in well written format. And the workshop guides you to understand the core aim of the programme that you want to seek, where a basic writing does not help to get desired outcomes. Then, what level of writing is required that is enough to birth a project successfully? The answer is an effective business case writing is the appropriate methodology needed to adapt in a scenario to pursue a definitive business proposal.

 Undoubtedly, gathering the entire concept of a business plan on to a single business case template is the heart of a rewarding project. It is a scheme or a plot or a procedure or a layout or a pattern that structures out a massive project plan successfully

Training addresses the needs on:

Next, the possible question you might get at this juncture is – if at all you’re writing an impressive business case or not? Here, the training throws light on multiple things one should consider before initiating a proposal and pursue best results out of a proposal. Firstly, it is to get answers for these questions –

  1. What is the project’s business case about?
  2. Why do need to prepare a business case?
  3. When is the business case proposal needed?

What is the project’s business case about:

It is a document that reflects a decision making to seek an asset investment on the basis of research, solutions, assumptions, pros and cons of the project, risks and funds. Also, a perfect guide that navigates executives or government agency with adequate knowledge and resources necessary to accept the project proposal or not further.

Why do need to prepare a business case:

A business project takes its shape is to get endorsement or funds essential to establish a project in real . Here, the ultimate goal for any business case writing should be to make sure ,senior management interprets the depth of a project’s aim significance, if not a successful nod from relevant department executives. It is an effective tool that educates executives on the project’s vision; its bunch of merits; impact of the project on organisation’s that resolves any  issues faced by the current project. It shows the benefit to accept a new proposal and consider it into business development process.

When is the business case proposal needed:

A business case writing is essential when there are suitable evidences, options, data, resources, graphs, financials that supports a business proposal and results out a best discussion among the participants. Every detail of the project should speak appropriate steps taken to bring best alternative solution to a current project.

Finally, the following exceptional results are inevitable from the training:

Know the Right audience: Knowing the target audience orients the objective of a writing. It filters out key findings , discussions, research and development that provides sufficient clarity to decision makers.

Allow No Jargons: Sometimes, it might happen to discuss a project with key people who are not related to project background. However, it plays a critical role in understanding your proposal in a non-jargon data presentation with those significant team and gain  more strength for your project proposal.

Discussions: A summary to numerous knowledgeable and validating discussions among stakeholders, other departments team and with decision makers revives a project report and creates qualitative conclusions at a business proposal meeting

Value Key risks: Helps to identify existing potential concerns or issues faced during recent scenarios and include strategies to reduce and manage those risks that matches organisation’s internal risk procedures.

Understand Opportunity costs: Summarises costs and benefits associated to your proposal with a clear and concise financial measures and assumptions undertaken by a project; a well interpreted data in the form of – graphs, tables, appendices, external links (validates the financial figures)

Pros and Cons: Creates a clear map between pros and cons linked to project’s vision, which focusses on how installing a proposal would influence business efficiency such as – performance, process control, compliance, corporate governance, risk management, business reputation,social responsibility and cost savings

Technological advancement features: Leverages a decision to replace or upgrade technical requirements for the project with a description to- who will manage; how it is managed; how it is monitored; how it is reported internally and externally; timing to implement the project and plan to handle any shutdown issues carefully.

Alternative solutions: Produces alternative solutions to complexities faced by a current programme; or explains a scope to enhance the productivity of a project and reduce any loss associated with current schemes or technology or machines.

Click here-  To register yourself  at Goeventz to attend the training and gain impressive credentials to your career growth map.

It is the learning curve that grows a career span in this competitive world and acclaim extraordinary credentials to your profile. This is an one-time investment that makes as an invaluable asset and hikes your knowledge, experience and management skills to a completely new level. If you’re planning to have more participants from your organisation or you have a group of friends want to attend the training , there is this discount offered for group participants to share brilliant experience together from the session 3 participants and know more about contacting support@graspskills.com

  • 5% discount – 5% discount
  • 10 participants – 10% discount
  • 15 participants – 15% discount

GoEventz is your  go-to event portal for all the conferences, rock concerts, festivals, fundraisers, exhibitions, trade fairs and other events happening around the world, every day, 365 days of the year! Whether you are an organiser or a participant, this is where you can meet the community, grow professionally, freak out about the latest events and create your next great event experience.

So let me know your insights on Business case writing workshops if at all you attended and their impact at organisation level and your career growth. And, don’t forget to share which will help others to grow.

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The Vault reality show and my expectations!

the-vault-and-my-expectationsWhat is ‘The Vault’ reality show about? And, what is that you think that I’m expecting from the show? Firstly, The Vault is a massive platform blessed for Small and medium businesses, Household businesses and nascent Startups  in India, powered by Times group, which helps to unleash ingenious startup ideas from aspiring Entrepreneurs. Those ideas can be limitless and reflect as a perfect opportunity to bridge the gap of talented innovative ventures and funding team, with a vision to build a better startup ecosystem in India. In fact, there will be multitudinous genres covered on single platform -Technology, Infrastructure, Health care, Apps, Games, Consulting, Banking and Financial services and more.

The Vault is  a reality show aired on India’s No.1 Business Channel – ET Now at 7.30 Pm on October 8th onwards  (every Saturday), which leaves a chance for ambitious entrepreneurs to meet five business moguls , yet reveal their interest to invest in distinctive business pursuits and products presented by wannabe-Entrepreneurs.

There are thousands of applications received and only 50 Entrepreneurs get a chance to pitch astounding ideas to these astute investors –

  1. Mohit Goel – A 27 Year old, CEO and Promoter of OMAXE Ltd, who is leading the real estate OMAXE enterprise and emerged as the second largest group with a valuation of INR 5000 Crores in North India. He is the recipient of – ‘Young Male Entrepreneur of the Year’ by Mr. Nitin Gadkari at Infra & Realty Sutra Awards 2014; Young Achiever’s award by ABP real estate awards 2014
  2. Sudip Bandyopadhyay -Promoter of Inditrade Capital- JRG, Bima Direct, Dining Plus, Klug Tech and other Fintech initiatives, has 28 years of expertise in various areas of finance and financial services.Companies like has succeeded ITC, Reliance Securities (Reliance Money), ICI, HLL and Destimoney Securities under his leadership through strategic investment acquisition strategies.
  3. Ameera Shah – Promoter, MD and CEO of Metropolis Healthcare Limited – It’s her leadership that changed the growth map of Metropolis  from single pathology laboratory  (2002) to a multinational chain of over 125 diagnostic and more than 800 collection centres across seven countries. She has listed in Asia’s Power Business Women 2015 by Forbes Asia and honoured as The Young Global Leader by World Economic Forum 2014. Besides  managing Metropolis dynasty, she extends her leadership abilities as a secretary of the Indian Association Pathology Laboratories and co-chairperson of Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) Healthcare committee.
  4. Rahul Singh – Founder and CEO of The Beer Cafe . From being a Textile engineer to being a focused Entrepreneur has made him to reach a milestone and then become an active angel investor and Mentor to food startups such as Biryani Blues, Burger Singh and Yumcheck . He is the awardee of TiE-Lumis  Partners Entrepreneurial Excellence awards 2014 and Entrepreneur India 2015 award in Food and Beverages service. He extends his mentorship as the honorary secretary of the NRAI  (National Restaurant Association of India) , is the SIG (Special Interest Group) leader at TiE for food sector.
  5. Vivek Bhargava – CEO of IProspectCommunicate 2 , is a Digital marketing Expert with 17 years spent guiding  digital strategies of brands like MTV, Newscorp, Citi bank, TCS, HDFC Bank, ClearTrip, and Reliance in both Indian and Global Markets. He has shrewd interest in data science, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality and machine learning. He has been esteemed as the Marketer of the year and dominates digital advertising in India with his expertise.

These ground-breaking leaders are the Keepers of ‘The Vault’ who hold a crucial decision making to say Yes or No instantly. If ‘Yes’ is their answer and that will be a lucky venture, receiving as much as funding up to INR 5 Crores.

I’m so impressed to know about the genius team, who revolutionised the concept of doing business is to dive deep with passion and reach sky with their visionary thoughts .

What is expected from the newbie-entrepreneurs?

It is not about few points aspiring entrepreneurs learn from this brilliant show, but, there will be measureless case studies, experiences, in-depth project knowledge, financials, what to care for , how to penetrate into the market with a better partnership that are to be learnt and taught trough every episode. From every idea that is inclined, I get to know many insightful topics of individual businesses and their purpose , which enhances my scope of knowledge from the perception of every member thoroughly .Every single idea or topic or venture pitched before the big shots prove a thought-provoking scenario and understand the striving entrepreneurs thirst to solve common man’s paint points in daily life chaos.

What will be the most significant part would be to know the answers from the Keepers. Any outcome forms as a befitting opportunity to progress further , but not let the ventures to stop their journey to succeed. If ‘Yes’ is the result, certainly, you will know better what happens next. There’s nothing much reliance required on how a venture advances from all grounds with the help of these investors. But, if they say ‘No’, this is the time to accept the greatest challenge and make toughest changes and act upon with more energy to excel in the pursuit to reach destination of your startup vision. Now, at this juncture, it is very much necessary to learn and implement any piece of advice or a suggestion or an intriguing question posed by the team. Don’t let your spirits go down just for the purpose to ‘Win’ the show, but, try to ‘Win’ the big hearts through their collaboration of thoughts about your startup mission. And, next, try to find more interesting methodology or process or approach to turn your venture as a next big thing in the market while engaging with them. Also, give a focus on fellow startup aspirants and grasp key insights while they pitch ideas and understand what is magnificent in their proposal or what is that missing? So, here you can have an exchange of words and start a mutual support to each of your proposals . This in time develops a network of aspiring team , whom might help your project somewhere  or sometime in future. In crux, don’t make yourself to get prepared with ‘Yes’ as a welcome sign, but , think again, you can’t miss any single moment and turn it as your greatest strength to you and as well to your startup.

Now, I’m very eager and excited to watch the series to be aired on ET Now  and experience the taste of Entrepreneurial spirit from all participants and know the motivation behind their Startup ventures. For more details, one can subscribe to The Vault show on Youtube channel or to their newsletters.

So do let me know your expectations and views from The Vault or what more you want to learn from these kind of Entrepreneurial reality shows.

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Top 7 points you should consider before pursuing a small business loan

Top 7 points you should consider before pursuing small business loan.pngEnhancing and moving your business to next stage is only the result of your sheer hard work, commitment and gaining customers loyalty. At this stage there will be millions of questions, plans, ideas , thoughts and deals that run in your brain right now. But, one point you ponder  – is your Financial position. Let me put in right terminology, it is the working capital that is needed right now that upgrades your business, in terms of – product features, infrastructure development, purchasing more equipment to meet more customer needs, arranging for a new dedicated office, developing brand penetration, launch marketing campaign and other related stuff. There are bunch of good Financial institutions that offer various solutions to meet your current financial situations.


1. Ask these questions :Before, pursuing loan for your Startup or small business, it is significant to observe and find answers to following questions:

  1. Firstly, decide on how much amount is required for the next level of business goals?
  2. What type of loan you will need to cater your business needs?
  3.  How long will you need it ?
  4. Will your business has the capacity to repay the loan, interest and any one-off or on-going fees that come with the loan in future?
  5. What security you are ready to offer to the lender and how it affects your interest rate?

2.Always do check the following risk factors of your Startup or Small business:

  1. Financial, Business management and market risks
  2. Lack of Collateral or security
  3. Business growth history
  4. Industry sector barriers (entry and exit)
  5. Current micro and macro economic conditions
  6. Type of industry sector – factors that affect the levels of competition of your product, profitability growth
  7. Planning capability, product knowledge and finance skills – of your business
  8. To check your credit rating and assess your repayment capacity of loans

3.What type of funds to access: 

Semi-regular basis: It is applicable when your business need a cashflow to continue its operation while waiting for your customers to pay for goods, it is, where, at-call loans come into picture, such as – overdraft or line of credit created for this purpose.

Up-front basis: It is one-time payment solution provided to set-up a new venture or buy a new equipment.

Loan Terms: Your loan repayment is a total of actual loan plus interest on the loan. The repayment amount is proportional to the term period of loan repayment. Always, calculate the amount that is to be repaid after fixing the amount of working capital ,you would need, using financial calculators available online. Remember,the more number of years you choose to repay the more interest burden you’re  holding .

4.What other channels you can fund for ongoing expenses?

Overdraft or Line of credit is your another channel to get funds that cover your one-time expenses and fund ongoing expenses. This feature allows you to draw more than the amount in your checking amount, for which you’ll pay the interest on the overdraft amount. Fees charged is  -sometimes at each overdraft you draw; or annual fees. However, it contains inherently high interest rate associated with these type of loans.

5.If it is fixed or variable interest rate you want:

Fixed interest rate: It’s your interest rate that is fixed and you only pay fixed instalments through out your loan term.Further, fixed interest rate feature avoids any interest rate risks proportional to benchmark interest rate which is its merit.  And, its demerit is higher introductory interest rates compared to lower interest rate offered by variable rates or floating interest rates.

Benchmark interest rate explained: It is the base rate or prime rate that a central or Federal bank of a country determines a rate, which is charged by banks while lending loans and advances to its consumers (across various types of loans offered by individual banks), which controls the demand and supply of  nation’s currency and inflation of the economy. This base rate fluctuation does impact prime interest rates offered to consumers.

Variable interest rate: Clearly, it is the interest rate that fluctuates (over a period of time) in proportional to benchmark index or interest rates that change periodically. Its merit lies in its lower interest rates available once benchmark index rates fall and thus reflect on your repayments monthly. Conversely, it is same when base rate raises and interest rates certainly increase.

6.Security or Collateral backed by your assets: Banks do scrutinise the type of asset or property, you provide as security against borrowed amount. It is essential to classify your assets as secured or unsecured with your Financial advisor or Bank manager initially. A lender always seeks safest collateral backed by a consumer credibility, which mitigates the risk of default.

7.Fees or costs associated to your loan: There are additional costs or fees linked to process your loan application, like – credit score check, property or asset appraisal and basic administrative fees, establishment/application fees, exit/discharge fees. Next, research for business loan finder tools or lending fees and charges guide by particular financial institution to find more about set-up fees and ongoing fees associated to your monthly instalments.

More points to be considered: 

  1. Always seek advice from your accountant or financial planner before pursuing funds from financial institutions
  2. It is very significant to prepare your project proposal followed by an in-depth research and document appropriate profit and loss statement, cashflow projections (past,present and future). Lenders analyse your project with all adequate inputs put forward and reflect their decision which is ,indeed, dependent on your business potential , credit score, your business market share, customer base and more.
  3. Lenders do risk assessment – It is the level and  nature of security you’re offering to support your loan; your ability to repay loan regularly; and ability to repay total debt apart from other outstanding debts that to be paid. For which, there will be great emphasise focused on cashflow projections, as it shows cash remained after total expenses, which is an indicator of repaying capacity produced from your business.

From my recent research, I found that Entrepreneur media is extending its small business loan powered by CAN capital which is available to US businesses only ( Businesses in these states are not applicable for lending -CT, DE, MI, MN, MT, ND, NV, NJ, NY, RI, SD, TN and VT.California: loans made or arranged pursuant to a California Finance Lenders Law license by CAN Capital Asset Servicing, Inc. )   . CAN capital is the exclusive business finance provider for Entrepreneur media Lending.

There are three types of working capital loans available from CAN Capital – 1. Term Loan 2. TrakLoan  3. Instalment Loan

Term Loan : Term loan payment is not dependent on your fluctuated revenue where you get regular payments. And your business can use Term loan for- Inventory, Equipment, Taxes, Technology upgrade, expansion, renovation, payroll, marketing and staffing.

  • Funding amount : $2,500 – $150,000 amount per location
  • Payments method : Low fixed Daily
  • Loan Tenure: 3 – 36 months
  • Owner Credit rating: Fair to Excellent

TrakLoan: Trakloan payments are dependent on daily revenue percentage of your business. Your business can apply Trakloan for – Inventory, Equipment, Technology upgrade, Expansion, Payroll,marketing, Taxes, renovation and staffing.

  • Funding amount : $2,500 – $150,000 amount per location
  • Payments method : Low flexible Daily
  • Loan Tenure: 3 – 36 months Estimated term
  • Owner Credit rating: Fair to Excellent

Note: Estimated term is the period of time estimated, at underwriting, that it will take to collect the total repayment amount of the loan. TrakLoan term can only be an estimate because the dollar amount paid on the loan on any given day fluctuates with the business’ fluctuating card sales volumes, and Trakloan has no set term, maturity date or fixed or minimum payment amounts.

Instalment Loan: Your monthly payments are fixed which is independent to your business revenue. Your business can use Instalment loan for – Inventory, Technology upgrade, payroll, equipment, Expansion, Marketing, Renovation, Taxes and Staffing,

  • Funding amount : $50,000 – $100,000 amount per location
  • Payments method : Fixed monthly
  • Loan Tenure: 24, 36 or 48 months
  • Owner Credit rating: Good to Excellent

Credit Rating: They consider business owners with a FICO® credit score of at least 680 to have good credit. The FICO® credit score is based on data from Experian, Equifax and/or TransUnion and may be different from other credit scores. FICO is a registered trademark of the Fair Isaac Corporation.

In crux, it is important to have knowledge and reasearch on the type of loan you want to seek and know in-depth about all factors considering the loan.

So, let me know other types of loans offered by any leading financial institutions. And don’t forget to share this article which might be helpful to someone somewhere  in this world.

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4 Key Brand Equity lessons Startups need from the journey of S.S Rajamouli’s Baahubali Movie to Baahubali Merchandise


Brand Equity is not something that only companies derive from their product or service  for their exquisite quality, but, it is equally same with a person who gains unrivalled following  with his/ her remarkable quality of work. Recent times, I found Baahubali movie as a spectacular cine-craft designed by S.S Rajamouli who moved the journey from being commercial fictitious movie to being Brand Baahubali merchandise and teaming up with renowned character Entertainment Company – Graphic India ,that is ready to enthuse Baahubali loyal audience beyond movie walls and provide a platform to explore more that is unseen in the movie through – original graphic novels, animation and video games. It is the contribution of S.S Rajamouli and Team Baahubali work that remained as memorable, qualitative, easily recognisable, reliable, inspiration and thought-provoking project so far in the history of Indian Film Industry.

Image Courtesy: Arka Media works

Since its inception, everything seemed as a massive fest in their approach – through cast selection, shooting location, VFX media companies, shooting progress, social media campaigning on -Facebook, Twitter, Baahubali Blog and Baahubali Website . The very approach of Baahubali movie brand image penetration into the hearts of audience has taken mammoth branding effect in multiple ways –  branded tee shirts, mobile covers, badges, hoodies, concept sketches, posters, novels, comic books, animation and video games and remained as exclusivity case study for Entrepreneurs-to-be and emerging Startup companies.

In this article, you’ll find how S.S Rajamouli and team Baahubali has created strong relationship between business brand and customer perception – experiences, positive thoughts, feelings, beliefs, opinions and perceptions which forms as a must-learn Brand Equity lessons to Startups – that teaches how to improve the standards of Brand Image through techno-digital awareness.

Following Brand Equity model has been categorised according to Keller’s Brand Equity model (Customer-Based Brand Equity model)

1.Brand Identity:

S.S Rajamouli is itself a strong influencer to a magnificent movie like Baahubali and Eega movies to box office turnover and market share. Audience identified his movies to be beyond expectations by narrating an universal subject and raising the depth of the stories by means of VFX as another strong weapon. He made ‘Eega movie’ with a tiny fly as a hero who avenges a murder, which made a telugu movie debut to multilingual status. The story weaves around a fly and how it creates chaos to a human who gets into trouble, which seems to be a simple script yet designed a technical VFX extravaganza movie with a fly as a major role player and thus making audience envisage a movie  never seen before.


The subject powerfully connected to audience whom experience flies annoyance in daily life, which stood out as a USP to Rajamouli’s creative treasure. However, the combination of a spectacular script design and Rajamouli’s way of envisaging story makes an unique box office collections of non-bollywood-made-movies. He adds that he designs a script to create a sense of recollection element in a movie , which attaches viewer’s perception gracefully to his movies. This quality sets as a brand  and identifies as a ‘movies-to-be-watched’.

Lesson 1: It is to develop a product through in-depth research and development and break any limitations that cause to perform a product magnificently. Creating sense of reminiscence sets as a salient feature which adds key element to a product or service and bind an emotional relationship between your product or service and customers. 

2. S.S Rajamouli Brand Meaning:  

His previous movie venture ‘Eega’ or ‘Makki’ sounds puny initially, but, movie experience speaks stellar performance. Imagery of his movies creates certainty of in-depth social and psychological attachment to audience, which leaves a long-lasting impression of a subject that has never been touched before by Indian Film Industry. If we retrospect the movies like Magadheera, Makki or Eega and Baahubali, what is that special brand meaning applies to Rajamouli movies is that – Story Characters brilliance and cast selection. He portrays a role of hero ordinarily in the story yet brings out his majestic power by battling against villain with massive dominance. He shares that he moulds villain’s subject to gigantic scale thus creates a daunting scenario to be beaten by Heroic role. This in indeed produces reliability and durability to a viewer’s mind,bringing back to his movies and unleashes a refreshing journey till the end of the story. 

The visual appeal of each subject in his movies are well designed through

Image courtesy: Baahubali Blog

 a perfect combination of – stunning cast, costumes design, VFX program, background score, extremity of the story, customised weapons and screen play.Combining all these elements, a viewer’s psychological get impacts largely by a story-combo like this. Thus , enhances the value of loyal audience globally and a secret formula that breaks the barrier of regional language movies to international must-watch movie.

Lesson 2: You can unusually build a common product available in the market through ‘n’ number of ways and strike the right chord of customers expectations with exclusivity of your product as a key brand perception, that attracts global attention.

3. S.S Rajamouli’s Brand Response:

Quality:  Rajamouli’s movies from his first movie ‘Student No.1’ to the recent National Best film Movie ‘Baahubali’, there’s no single movie that diminished the quality of stories experienced by audience. Each story from him speaks up the natural element of characters that are seen in normal life  and fictitious characters supporting stories mutually ,which forms as a greatest strength to his movies and winning loyal global audience till date. Apparently, he strikes viewers expectations by consistently matching actual quality of a scripts and perceived quality of movies with his commitment to work every minutest detail of every project he undertook.

Credibility: Buyers of his movies will never miss the credibility that work miraculous figures at Box office. It is measured in three dimensions – expertise (includes innovation), trustworthiness and likability.

  • Expertise: He gained abundant knowledge of film making by working in multiple departments of films. He knows the quantity and quality of work expected from each department and how he inspires through his vision and make other departments  to work on single mission. He says that vision plays a critical role to align several tasks wonderfully in a single frame.He tells that he builds an effective screening by matching his direction ingenuity meeting the expectations of average group of audience, who accepts the real value of a movie.
    Image courtesy : Baahubali Blog


  • Trustworthiness: There’s no word other than trust that his work produce from all stakeholders – producers, cast, crew, buyers, financiers, distributors, theatres and audience. He builds a financial model, economic model and perceived model of a movie in detail which never misses out the parameters set for each movie. This requires relentless planning capability to control hassles associated to reach its final destination. He impresses each member of team by consistently making himself grounded to reality and take appropriate actions leading to final goals.
  • Likability: The approach of likability is observed from audience with an appropriate   blend of  unprecedented stories, story characterisation, crew, music composer and   technical effects embedded into it. There is this potential of attracting audience from all age groups to his movies that has been consistently working without fail so far       with a kind of formula to innovate story essence in a new dimension.
  • Consideration:  In the current social media ruling world people expect and want for newness at every level of a movie and Rajamouli knows to cook a film recipe that beats contemporary movie stories which usually revolves around Hero-centric roles. This is the mantra that has an implicit consideration to choose his movies and watch time and again.
  • Superiority: He prepares a movie with unparalleled characters design, exclusivity weapons design and make in india concept . He adds multiple tools to elevate characters and how they appear in audience eyes ,like – Costume design, location, weapons, facial appearance (make over), emotions, language, cinematography, production design, visual effects,  background score, costumes design ,dialogues, script and choreography. Enhancing all these elements entirely takes its toll and impression on viewer mind. If you consider Ranadheer billa character in Magadheera ; Titla character in Vikramarkudu ;or Sudheer character in Eega;  Bhallal dev and Kalakeya characters in Bahubali, each role mirrors the immense impact in every project, which is fighting against truth, but , what is uncommon is the way roles nurtured visually with many of these ingredients helping to enhance the casting impression on audience mind. And, certainly, this will create a story that a viewer can’t forget for many years.


Lesson 3: Ensure your vision for Startup is reflected in every task , to be undertaken by your team and then work  uninterruptedly on the quality of subject that raises the standards of your Startup ultimate vision. Always make a perfect plan to control – finances, expenses, hassles associated to run startup in a way that keep track of all targets and reduces redundant costs.It is not think ,but,  do out-of-the-box principle that                 recreates a business model and loyal customers time and again.There should be                       always a mix and match approach of business model to pursue things and bring best             to all stakeholders trusted on your Startup mission

4. Rajamouli’s Brand Resonance:

  • baahubali-releasedate-300x300 Behavioural loyalty: His movies receive regular and repeated audience that shows distinctive style of stories selection and hence producing consistent qualitative movies which indeed conquers film industry from his direction genre. There’s always thrilling quotient to his upcoming movies which brings back loyal audience regularly . 
  • Attitudinal attachment: S.S Rajamouli Signature is the brand image that concludes at the end of the movie which is creating an imprint on viewers perspective perfectly and artfully developing attachment between his movies and his signature . Developing such intangible attachment, implicitly, has so much to attract audience for indefinite times from diverse mindset of people every now and then.
  • Sense of community:  Baahubali movie team has performed an amusing skit to raise funds for Hudhud disaster witnessed by Visakhapathanam (Vizag) and won thousands of people support for the havoc relief. This special bundle of performance by the team made audience felt sense of responsibility towards society. Again, this way of producing skits is another way to build sensible projects rather than a simple commercial movie proposal which survives with sheer profits and collections.
  • Active engagement: Baahubali marketing team has been proactive prior to and while making the movie through Facebook, Youtube videos on –  promotional campaigns, first posters, videos featuring lead stars on their birthdays. Team Baahubali laid a great foundation to update their status from all grounds through Baahubali website and from Arka media works Blog.

          Also, S.S Rajamouli has actively posted updates related shooting progress on Twitter             and Facebook pages which maintained strong engagement with his social media                     followers, fans, audience. Indeed, he used social media platform as a smart                               marketing plan to enthuse viewers and bring them to theatres with much-awaited                 feel experience to watch the movie again and again. Perhaps, he has a potential                       marketing head traits to target right customers at right time.

          And now, Team Baahubali and Graphic India collaboration allures audience more to              experience lives, culture, adventures, weapons, tools, characters and many through              their graphic novels, video games and animated series. There’s only unlimited                        opportunities when a subject is powerful and that use digital technology and                            applications intelligently.

Lesson 4: A key lesson to emerging entrepreneurs is to make customers thrilled about product improvements or new product release. It is not about marketing gimmicks that work, except the content that keeps you in tact with customers and reach their expectations at right time. Every action of your product delivery forms an attitudinal attachment , which enhances the customer perception towards your brand, so, it is worth to take utmost care to produce right results. It is not always taking, but, giving back to the society which will always gain millions of hearts. Further, execute a program that matches societal requirements and up bring social conscious through your brand.

Let me know your views and any other key lessons that can be drawn from the #Baahubali movie and #S.S Rajamouli directorship

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Formula of the day 

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It’s Shradha Sharma’s founder of Yourstory media Entrepreneur formula revealed @ LinkedIn India power profile event

​A great accomplishment and privilege to participate in the live event by #linkendinindapowerprofile #Linkedinindia with #shradhasharma who revealed her Entrepreneur formula is  –“To do it and not give up and keep doing it” for my question -” What is your Entrepreneur formula that made your journey from being entrepreneur aspirant to founder of #YourStoryCo media?”

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http:// m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1064737250230389&id=662506227120162

Formula of the day

​And this is how Leaders/Entrepreneurs  are made! A perfect formula to begin any sort of Startup in this world. Again, life always gives us a choice.To budding Startup aspirants,  Have you made any idea to start a Startup yet?