Failure today is your best tool for a better tomorrow

Your failure today is the most rendering day than a day that is more successful. Many a times I made tons of thoughts and practising better methods and adapting better tools to get it right a task when I fail each time till date, which helps me to improve success meter personally and professionally. However, not every failure destines a triumph that is expected unless there is a point to evaluate the factors that led to failure. Yes, there should be absolute reasoning to what happened in the course of action. This caters out innumerable questions to be able to figure out and find out a path to answer those questions reliably and practically. At this juncture, I’ve included bunch of steps to retrospect towards what went wrong actually. This process of retro-ing can help you to figure out the very weaknesses and strengths personally which are not identified in the due process, thus creating valuable assessment and indicator to your next attempt of success.IMG_20160516_234411

  1. Identify a list of errors or actions that led to fail your goal.
  2. Consider each action or error to analyse since its inception whilst completing a task.
  3. Weigh the actions or practice to actual actions required to be successful. This can be in terms of analysing your expectations whilst addressing presentation to a crowd (communication skills) , what would be a correct a method to answer an unanswered or half-answered question? how much more often a formula needs to be revised to crack a competitive question? how much more training wanted to get a refined solution? All such questions should give a scale of ranking against targeted result. Ranking can be in various ways of subsets – (Excellent, average, poor); (1,2,3,4) ; (10%,50%,70%, 80%) .Thus the ranking helps to step ahead and reach the next targeted ranking.
  4. At the next stage, you’re in a position to rectify a methodology towards practising a task or a project in a more feasible way. Stop conducting conventional practice and plans conducted in the past if such practice led to a failure or blend a methodology of past methods and contemporary methods to result in a better ranking. Yes, certainly this will help you to see new opportunities and intelligently reduce the errors faced in the earlier attempts. This can be even obtained from your people close to you by adopting smart discussions and feedback into your practice. A new approach of this style or any other styles of your choice will show a revitalising journey to attain distinguishing achievements. But, never forget to score your practice every now and then till your next success after all your strong conviction is itself a final score reflection , so believe in your hard work and it gives you everything you’re dreaming about.

So Dear readers, now, please leave me your retro-ing methods or practices you include in your daily lives to reach your goals successfully.


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